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MustĀ  hear………The Lord is saying:::::This year is the judgement uponĀ  My house….meaning that judgement has begun at the house of God FIRST…You cannot command Me……I will have mercy on whom I will have mercy and judgement as I will…..I will take some home with Me this year,and there will be those that I take out of here and will enter eternity with out Me.For I am God and there is no other….I will first ,judge ALL US prophets,,,,,I will judge all US pastors,my hand is raised to remove churches that I have long since left…..There will not be many make it if they do not repent…… Hear the word of the Lord…..2016 will leave everyone in turmoil…….You don’t believe?????Then watch what I will do……..Hell and the afterlife will be more real to you in this season as things take off,things you thought would not happen……Guard your heart…..My true church will arise in this year and in 2017 will begin the Coming of The Miliennial Kingdom and the Reign of Yehua……Guard your ears for you will hear false things come out of those that claim to know and speak for Me…….A true prophet/prophetess/messenger doesn’t bring in peace and safety,nor do,they prosperitize,rather they warn when they see danger approaching,they can see things pertaining to the church as God gives them clearer insight….They are not shaken by slander and persecution against them…. They are sold out to the Lord and their sole purpose is to serve God and harvest souls……. There needs are provided by God and if a person does bless them,they know how to put that blessing back into the Kingdom… They are not easily distracted and will continue moving forward……. They do and say only what the Lord directs…..Selah!!!!!!!! A Sister In ChristBette

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