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The Miracle of God’s HEALING!
08/26/2011 SATURDAY 3:47PM Dearly Beloved Saints of God: I come to you with joy unspeakable in Christ Jesus and am overflowing in eternal PRAISE and WORSHIP toward God! I underwent MID-RECTAL COLON CANCER SURGERY on June 30, 2011. The first day AFTER surgery, I was up walking the hallway of the floor on which I was assigned with a nurse’s aid accompanying me! She was grinning from ear to ear and I said: “Why are you grinning?” Her response was: “You are doing WONDERFUL! Tomorrow you’ll be up walking on your own!” The Assistant Surgeon came into my room at Riverside Methodist Hospital on the first day after surgery grinning and we had not even yet spoken to each other! I said: “Dr. Peterson, why are you grinning about?” He said : “You are amazing!!” I asked him why he said that and his response to me was: “How many patients go through THIS kind of serious surgery and come out of the Operating Room, laughing and kidding around with the OR Staff to the point that the Staff is doubled over in laughter?!” I said: “I guess I must have done that OR you would not be testifying to it!” His next comment was a message from GOD! He said: “I’ll be honest with you, we got in there, and the tumor was SO SMALL that we had to hunt for it!We only had to remove a total of twelve inches to get you to safe territory! THAT’s why you have NO colostomy!The Chemo and radiation must have really shrunk that thing!” My response to him was: “Yes, I am sure that they had a part in it; but My Heavenly Father had His Hand on EVERY detail, orchestrating His Divine Health and Divine Healing within me!” The first after surgery my bowels were functioning with formed stool! The Surgeon, Dr. Toscano, encountered me, walking the hall to get relief from post-op gas; and I testified to him that my bowels were functioning! His comment was: “You are doing WONDERFUL!” On July 12, 2011, Dr. Toscano removed all twenty-nine staples from my stomach and said: “We sent three tissue samples to pathology after surgery. One from the tumor and two others at the extreme ends: and ALL three came back NEGATIVE! We also sent tissue samples that included fourteen lymph nodes and all 14 came back NEGATIVE! You are going lead a good, long life: God bless you!” Slowly and progressively, I am returning to the Ministry, beginning in September 2011 for the glory of God in Christ Jesus! Isa. 53:4-5 : …..by the stripes of (Jesus Christ) I am healed and whole!” I want to THANK YOU, as the Saints of God, for all of your prayers and intercessions in my behalf before; during; and after my surgery! God richly bless all of you! I send all of you GREAT LOVE in the Holy Name of Jesus Christ; and ask you to continue to pray for me as God continues His Healing within me! Love in Christ Jesus, I remain, Apostle for Christ Jesus and for ALL Of The True Sons of God in ALL Nations, Brother Patrick A. Kirk patrick.kirk1947@yahoo.com http://www.shoutlife.com/keminschurchesintl (614)-396-6774(614)-396-6774
“From Heaven’s Splendor!!”
12/23/2010 Thursday 7:38 AM “From Heaven’s Splendor To A Cradle In The Shadow Of A Cross!!” (Prophetic Poem, Celebrating The Holy Birthday Of Jesus Christ in 2010)! He came to earth as an infant into a lowly cattle stall: He is the fulfillment of His Heavenly Father’s Covenant – And The keeping of His Promise to all! From Heaven’s splendor and glory, Jesus entered into the fullness of time; Leaving His Throne and Crown in Heaven, Christ became flesh And to the top of Golgotha’s Hill He would soon climb! NO room for Him on that cold night : From “NO room in which to lodge” TO “NO room in the hearts of men” came our Eternal KING of Light! He came into this world of sin and darkness : Born in Bethlehem town, as angelic messengers proclaimed His Coming to shepherds in the field: And, of Jesus, the angels bore Him glorious witness! From the manger to the cross, followed by an empty tomb, Jesus completed all the work of Heaven, even as He came forth from the Virgin’s womb! For God so loved the world that He gave His One and Only Begotten Son that, Whoever believes in Him, should NOT perish but have everlasting life! He came to seek and to save that which was lost: In The Garden Jesus said: “Not My Will, but Thine be done!” And, therein, He obediently agreed to pay the supreme cost – That all lost mankind might be won! In His life, death, burial, and resurrection, Jesus had endured the cross and scorned its shame: Christ then returned to Heaven and sat down at the right hand of God, The Father: And His Heavenly Throne He DID RECLAIM! Jesus now ever lives as our Great High Priest of ALL Nations before The Father to mediate! The Holy Blood of Jesus is our covering against our arch accuser – With him, Jesus does NOT deliberate! In Christ, we are true sons and daughters of the Most High God: To Him, our soul’s salvation shall ever applaud – Whether we walk upon Heaven’s streets of Gold or upon this earthly sod! In Loving Service To God And To ALL True Sons Of God In EVERY Nation, I remain , In Christ Jesus, Apostle Patrick A. Kirk : (servant TO THE SERVANTS): Kingdom Encouragers Ministries & Churches, International : http://www.shoutlife.com/keminschurchesintl patrick.kirk1947@yahoo.com
10/07/2010 Thursday 4:26 PM Dear ALL ShoutLife.com Friends & Families, Love; joy; peace; greetings & BLESSINGS in Christ Jesus -now & always!! The FOLLOWING is the tool and The Kingdom Method of VICTORIOUS KINGDOM LIVING; and I earnestly encourage you to photocopy it and that you place it quickly in the Holy Arsenal of God in your lives through Christ Jesus! “TEN SPIRITUAL LAWS OF TRUE SPIRITUAL WARFARE!” 2 Corinthians 5:7 SAYS: “for we walk by FAITH, not by sight.” Romans 1:17 says: “for therein is the righteousness of God revealed from FAITH to FAITH: as it is written, the just shall live by FAITH.” Galatians 3:11 says: “But no man is justified by the law in the sight of God,it is evident: for, the just shall live by FAITH.” And again, in Hebrews 10:38 says: “Now the just shall live by FAITH: but, if any man draw back, My soul shall have no pleasure in him.” EVERYTHING WE DO AND ARE MUST BEGIN FIRST BY FAITH IN CHRIST JESUS–THEN BY FACT! Hebrews 11:1; 6; Ephesians 1:1-23! Now, PLEASE be sure to have your BIBLE in your hand to continue this wonderful journey of Kingdom FAITH in Christ Jesus! (1). CLAIM ALL OF YOUR AUTHORITY IN CHRIST JESUS OVER satan and his demons BY FAITH! SCRIPTURES: 1 John 3:16; Colossians 2:15; Luke 10:18-19; Luke 11:22; Matthew 28:18-20; Mark 16:17; Ephesians 1:20-23; Ephesians 2:4-6; Luke 9:1-2; Romans 8:15-17; (2). CONFESS YOUR VICTORY THROUGH THE BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST BY FAITH! SCRIPTURES: REVELATION 12:11; ROMANS 5:9 (Justified); HEBREWS 13:12 (Sanctified); 1 JOHN 1:7-9 (Cleansed); EPHESIANS 1:7 (Redeemed); Psalm 107:2; (3). COMMAND satan and his demons IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST BY FAITH TO DEPART AND TO RETURN TO THE PIT OF HELL FROM WHICH THEY HAVE COME! SCRIPTURES: James 4:7; Matthew 18:18-20; Mark 16:17-20; (4). HAVE ON/PUT ON THE WHOLE/FULL ARMOR OF GOD NONSTOP THROUGH FAITH IN CHRIST JESUS! SCRIPTURES: Ephesians 6:10-20; Matthew 4:1-11; Matthew 24:35; 2 Corinthians 10:3-6; (5). CONTINUE TO RESIST THE DEVIL THROUGH JESUS CHRIST BY FAITH! Psalm 149:1-9!!! SCRIPTURES: 1 Peter 5:8-10; Ephesians 4:27; Matthew 11:12; Matthew 12:18-20; Luke 10:18-19; (6). REFUSE TO LISTEN TO ANY DOUBT; FEAR; OR UNBELIEF: KEEP VERY CLOSE WATCH OVER YOUR MIND IN CHRIST JESUS! SCRIPTURES: Romans 12:1-3; Colossians 3:2; Job 3:25; 2 Corinthians 10:3-5; Proverbs 4:20-23; Isaiah 26:3; Proverbs 26:2; Isaiah 54:17; Matthew 16:16-19; (7). REFUSE TO CONFESS ANY FEAR; DOUBT; OR UNBELIEF! SCRIPTURES: Proverbs 6:2; Proverbs 3:5-6; Proverbs 18:21; Psalm 141:3; Matthew 12:34-37; 1 Peter 4:11; (8). MAINTAIN A POSITIVE CONFESSION OF FAITH IN GOD THROUGH JESUS CHRIST! SCRIPTURES: Hebrews 10:23; Mark 10:23; Job 22:28; Jeremiah 1:12; Jeremiah 17:10; Hebrews 3:1; Romans 10:6-10; Deuteronomy 30:11-20; Revelation 12:11; Hebrews 4:12; (9). ACT UPON THE WORD OF GOD AND THE EVERLASTING POWER OF THE WORD OF GOD IN ALL GENERATIONS! SCRIPTURES: James 1:22; James 2:17-22; THE POWER OF LIFE AND DEATH IS THE TONGUE! CHOOSE LIFE, and NOT Death! (10). PRAISE AND WORSHIP GOD THROUGH JESUS CHRIST THROUGH THE TRIAL OF YOUR FAITH! SCRIPTURES: TRUE PRAISE AND WORSHIP BREAKS THE YOKE OF EVERY EVIL BONDAGE THROUGH THE HOLY NAME OF JESUS CHRIST IN ALL GENERATIONS! Romans 4:19-23; Psalm 8:2; Matthew 21:16; Psalm 47:1; Psalm 149:1-9; 2 Corinthians 10:3-6; Philippians 4:4-9! AS JESUS CHRIST WALKED THE EARTH FULL OF THE HOLY SPIRIT… SO MUST WE! AS JESUS CHRIST ENCOUNTERED satan (and his demons)- EVIL SPIRITS…SO WILL WE! AS JESUS CHRIST CAST OUT satan and his demons and all evil spirits…SO MUST WE! LET US ALL PRAY: “THY KINGDOM COME: THY WILL BE DONE IN THE EARTH EVEN AS IT IS IN HEAVEN!” In Loving Service To God & To ALL of the Sons of the Kingdom of God in ALL Nations, I remain, In Christ Jesus, Brother Patrick Kirk patrick.kirk1947@yahoo.com Kingdom Encouragers Ministries & Churches, International: www.shoutlife.com/keminschurchesintl 1-614-396-67741-614-396-6774
“Oh, Precious Bride Fulfill Your Endtime Unity! “
10/07/2010 Thursday 1:55 PM Dear ALL ShoutLife.com Friends & Families, The FOLLOWING is another Prophetic Word of Revelation And Warning to The Bride of Christ today from Jesus Christ, Our True Bridegroom! “OH, PRECIOUS BRIDE FULFILL YOUR ENDTIME UNITY!” ” As My Heavenly Father speaks to Me, I see My Bride and her true purpose and work, being fragmented by disharmony; pride; and too frequently by vain pursuits of tangents done so SELF-FULLY! Have you not heard : have you not seen : have you not read in John 17 – The Cry of My Father’s Heart and the Cry of My Heart for TRUE BIBLICAL UNITY?! Do you not yet understand that the TRUE UNITY My Father, I, and The Holy Spirit seek for you, My Bride, must now be consummated by your having only the pure and holy image and essence of The Triune GodHead in Our Tri-Unity?! Come and make haste to The Bridegroom’s Chamber so that My Holiness; Love; Power; and Kingdom Destiny, and, I, the Lover of your soul, may ALL embrace you, Oh, Bride, fulfilling My Eternal Desire for you and for all generations that you be in ONE ACCORD UNIVERSALLY! I, The LORD Your God, can NO longer wink at your UNSURRENDER to My Holy Authority and LORDSHIP, if you truly desire Me AND, if you, Dear Bride, would come to My Chamber with a pure heart and clean hands and lips before Me! REPENT, and seek Me with all of your heart and strength and soul in ALL that you do, and are, as you adorn yourself for Me in The Blood-Whitened, Wedding Garment of My Essence and My Perfect Love and My Truth unswervingly! Be NOT like the five UNWISE and FOOLISH VIRGINS in Matthew 25:1-13! Precious Bride, you must be about My Father’s Kingdom Business, even as I, His Son, have always done the work of My Father unerringly! Be SURE to be READY and be CERTAIN that you fully work in the Harvest Field in the Endtime Reaping of souls into My Father’s Everlasting Kingdom Of The Sons Of God through His Love and Power and through your total surrender and your complete humility before Me! ” In Loving Service To God And To ALL Of The True Sons Of The Kingdom Of God In ALL Of The Nations, I remain , In Christ Jesus, Brother Patrick A. Kirk , (Apostle/Prophet ) Kingdom Encouragers Ministries & Churches International: patrick.kirk1947@yahoo.com ShoutLife.com Website: www.shoutlife.com/keminschurchesintl 1-614-396-67741-614-396-6774 School Of The Prophets Website: www.schooloftheprophets.ning.com
The Heavenly Father’s Promise in The Shofar!
10/06/2010 Tuesday 1:32 PM Dear ALL ShoutLife.com Friends & Families, Love; joy; peace; grace; greetings in Christ Jesus-ALWAYS! God presented and gave me the FOLLOWING Prophetic Word through a dear Messianic Rabbi Friend, whose name is: Hezekiah Goldman in August 2000 in Atlanta, GA during the 25 th. World Convention of The Endtime Handmaidens & Endtime Servants through Papa Jim & Sister Gwen Shaw out of Jasper, Arkansas! My Wife, Karen, (now deceased) and I were reviewing the selection of SHOFARS (the ram’s horn- the ancient trumpet of Israel) so we could purchase one for The Ministry! My Wife had four years of experience, playing the trumpet in her high school Marching Band and Orchestra. She picked up one of the shofars at the table of one of the Ministry Vendors; and the shofar had a ROUND, WHITE DOT on it, reading the Number 4! She asked the Vendor what it meant. We were told that on a good day most persons should be able to get “four notes from that shofar.” She placed it to her lips and got SIX notes out of it! Ellen Day of DAYSTAR SHOFARS tapped Karen on the shoulder and asked if Karen could repeat what she had just done in sounding that shofar! Karen’s response was another shofar sounding; but this time she got seven notes out of it! Ellen Day then asked her to serve as one of the twelve shofar sounders for the Opening Ceremonies of the 25 th. World Convention of The Endtime Handmaidens & Endtime Servants as we had come to both take our vows as an Endtime Handmaiden & as a an Endtime Servant on Wed., August 03, 2000! I reveled in what God was doing in Karen and the joy of The Lord flooded my spirit and soul! I started to rejoice audibly for what HE was doing in our lives! Brother Hezi then began to prophesy over me saying: “I hear The Spirit of The Living God saying: My son, do NOT sell yourself short because the day is coming and is soon at hand that you, My son, will place two of these shofars to your lips and I will enable you to sound them both at the same time because you have desperately sought after Me and I know your true heart! This, therefore, is My Heavenly Promise to you and to ALL of The Sons Of My Kingdom, as Your Heavenly Father, I say unto you : That the SHOFAR represents The Endtime Voice of God, going into all of The Land and to all of the Inhabitants : THIS is My Covenant Promise, that when you lift up the shofar in the Holy Name of Yeshua Ha’Meschiach (Jesus Christ), I will shatter all of the heavenlies; I will bring down all darkness; I will bring down all evil; I will raise up My Truth; My Righteousness; My Love; and I will raise up and establish My Throne and My Kingdom in the midst of you as Priests and Kings unto Me : and I will accomplish these things through Jesus Christ for My Glory to your Generation and all of those that follow you for My Kingdom and for My Glory, says The LORD of Hosts!!” One year later, we were able to purchase the SECOND SHOFAR, which was designated to be my Shofar for The Ministry of God! When we received the shofar; I called Hezi to let him know that it arrived safely from Jerusalem! Hezi then said in prophecy: “Now, My son, fulfill The Prophetic Destiny that I have already spoken over you and sound both shofars for My Glory in The Name of Yeshua Ha’Meschiach!” I placed both Karen’s shofar and my new shofar to my lips and sounded both simultaneously together under the power and anointing Of The LORD! Zephaniah 3:17 : “The LORD, Your GOD, in the midst of thee, is MIGHTY!” In Loving Service To God And To ALL Of The Sons Of The Kingdom Of God In ALL Of The Nations, I remain, In Christ Jesus, Brother Patrick A. Kirk : Kingdom Encouragers Ministries & Churches Int’l: patrick.kirk1947@yahoo.com www.shoutlife.com/keminschurchesintl
10/05/2010 Tuesday 8:09 PM Dear ALL ShoutLife.com Friends & Families, The FOLLOWING is Daily Prayer Covering that you can each pray over yourselves; families and over ALL of those in The Bride of Christ! ” THE WARRIOR’S PRAYER! ” EPHESIANS 6:10-20 Heavenly Father, In The Holy Name of Jesus Christ, I, as Your warrior, prepare for battle! Today, I claim VICTORY over satan because of Luke 10:18-19 and therefore I put on the whole armor of God! I put on the girdle of Your Truth! May I stand in The Truth of Your Word so I will NOT be a victim of satan’s lies! I put on THE BREASTPLATE of Your Righteousness! May it guard my heart from all evil so I will remain PURE and HOLY, protected under The Blood Of Jesus Christ! I put on the Shoes of Peace! May I stand FIRM in The Good News of The Gospel of Jesus Christ so Your Peace will shine through me and be a LIGHT to all whom I encounter! I take the Shield of Faith! May I be ready for satan’s fiery darts of lies; doubt; fear; deceit; and unbelief so that I will NOT be vulnerable to any spiritual compromise and/or spiritual defeat! I put on the Helmet of Salvation! May I keep mind and my spirit focused on You so that satan will not have a stronghold on my thoughts or spiritual destiny in Christ Jesus! I take The Sword Of The Spirit! May Your Two-Edged Sword always be ready in my hands and forever upon my lips so that You can expose all of the tempting words of satan! By Kingdom Faith in Christ Jesus, Your warrior has now put on the FULL ARMOR OF GOD! Through Jesus Christ, I am prepared to live this entire day in spiritual victory! In Jesus’ Almighty Name! Amen and Amen! In Loving Service To God And To ALL Of The Sons Of The Kingdom Of God In ALL Of The Nations, I remain , In Christ Jesus, Brother Patrick A. Kirk : (Apostle/Prophet): KINGDOM ENCOURAGERS MINISTRIES & CHURCHES INTERNATIONAL: patrick.kirk1947@yahoo.com ShoutLife.com Website: www.shoutlife.com/keminschurchesintl
10/05/2010 Tuesday 7:40 PM Dear ALL ShoutLife.com Friends & Families, Love; joy; peace; faith; greetings; and BLESSINGS in Christ Jesus ALWAYS!!! The Following is a Prophetic Word of Revelation that The Lord gave me for which The Spirit of The Lord titled: “INTIMACY WITH JESUS, THE BRIDEGROOM OF HEAVEN!” Worldly cares and the preoccupations of life continue to overflow and to crowd out your INTIMACY with Me as your Bridegroom! Seek Me, Oh, Men of God, and learn from Me! Like beautiful and colorful flowers, I desire to see you in full bloom! Come to My Chamber without delay: Plummet the deepest places of the full and complete knowledge of Me! Let there be a sweet and total abandonment of SELF, As you now humble yourselves before Me and without ceasing begin now to pray! Submit yourselves, therefore, to Me; to My Holy Authority; and to ALL of My Holy Venue! Love Me with all of your hearts; minds; souls; and strength: Conform NO longer to the patterns of this present world: And bathe yourselves in My Agape Love that has NO end to its length! Give Me ALL of you as My Divine and Everlasting Wings of Love around you are now curled! From you, in ALL of your MOTIVES and in every INTENT of your hearts, I desire and require before Me PRIDELESS PURITY! Into EVERY realm of CLEAN and UNSWERVING INTEGRITY from the INSIDE OUT, I yearn for you to possess ALL of these things with true HOLINESS and ABSOLUTE CLARITY! Do NOT allow any complacency; compromise; apathy; or the lack of personal submission to My Perfect Will prevent you and the other Sheep from receiving My GREATEST Blessings, in TIME and in ETERNITY- says The Holy Bridegroom Of Heaven! In Loving Service To God And To ALL OF The Sons Of The Kingdom Of God In ALL Of The Nations, I remain, In Christ Jesus, Brother Patrick A. Kirk (Apostle/Prophet): KINGDOM ENCOURAGERS MINISTRIES & CHURCHES INTERNATIONAL PM.B. # 231 1933 East Dublin-Granville Road Columbus, OH 43229-3508 Ministry Phone: 1-614-396-67741-614-396-6774 ShoutLife.com Website: www.shoutlife.com/keminschurchesintlpatrick.kirk1947@yahoo.com
10/05/2010 Tuesday 12:20 PM Dear ALL Shoutlife.com Friends & Families, Love; joy; peace; faith; hope; greetings; and blessings in Christ Jesus-now & always! Here is the Word of Prophecy that The LORD gave me on March 09, 2002 at 2:25 AM; and it has the same direct IMPACT today as the day I received it! PLEASE read and share it with as many others as possible for God’s Glory! “THE CRY OF THE FATHER’S HEART FOR RESTORATION OF TRUE KINGDOM ORDER!” SELF should NOT be pampered NOR seen in My True Sons and My True Daughters of Christ in THIS hour! SELF is Satanic Ego Lacking Faith! Why do My Children in America still want to preserve SELF?! SELF is to be denied by My Holy Command! With great joy, lift up your heads and look unto Me only, for I am and I will continue to be and to give you your True Position In Christ! Diligently SEEK Me with all of your hearts; and I will be and will give you Godly worth; focus; purpose; vision; and your highest destiny in Jesus to which each of you have been called; prepared; separated and have been made worthy because of the Almighty Power of The Blood of Jesus Christ and because of The Almighty Name of Jesus Christ! IF My Son, Jesus Christ, has redeemed you and has become your LORD, you must NOT allow SELF to reign in your hearts and lives in this present hour! You were, (each one), bought with the SUPREME PRICE- My Son paid it ALL for you on Golgotha’s Hill! Therefore, to HONOR Me as the Temple of The Holy Spirit, Who dwells inside of you, you must also glorify Me in your body and in your spirit, BOTH of which are Mine as God Almighty; The Holy One of Israel; The Holy God of Abraham; Isaac; and Jacob; AND the Almighty God to ALL generations! To HONOR Me, (in spirit and in truth), you also must be truly HOLY, even as I AM HOLY! THIS too is My Holy Commandment in 1 Peter 1:13-16! You must in this hour submit to Me in true humility and be fully willing to embrace and to receive Me as the All-Consuming Fire to purge and to purify you and to make you HOLY through the Almighty Power Of The Blood Of Jesus Christ and through the Power of The Holy Spirit; and through the consuming fire of the water of the washing of The Word Of Almighty God in ALL generations! My True Sons and My True Daughters must also be well trained; edified; corrected; delivered; healed; and restored to be BATTLE READY through the Whole Counsel of The Word Of God with Kingdom Restoration in your lives! These things are now written and delivered to My “Kingdom People” so that each of you may know clearly that these are My Chosen Criteria to bring you ALL back to My Original Divine Order and Pattern! ALL of you must receive this Original Divine Order and Pattern as your very own, knowing that these criteria will bring you into full alignment with My Heart as Your Heavenly Father! You must be truly OBEDIENT- instantly IN and OUT OF SEASON! Listen diligently and intently for My Holy Voice that speaks in total truth and AGAPE Love through My Logos Word; and through My Rhema Word via My Heart with My Holy Leading; Guiding; and Directing each of you into My Kingdom Purposes and Order and into My Highest DESTINY for each of your lives! Do NOT love your lives unto the death! (Revelation 12:11b!) The world must see JESUS in each of you, so that you will NO longer need nor want to take the events and daily experiences of your lives PERSONALLY with SELF, being OFFENDED, if things do NOT go ” your way “! EACH of you are very precious and highly honored in My Sight and are greatly loved as My True Sons and My True Daughters of Christ, and as priests and kings unto Me within My Holy Kingdom! Therefore, come quickly into My Divine, Kingdom Order and Pattern, as My Endtime Bride of Christ on earth!” In Loving Service To God And To ALL Of The Sons Of The Kingdom Of God In ALL Nations, I remain, In Christ Jesus, Brother Patrick A. Kirk : Kingdom Encouragers Ministries & Churches, Int’l: patrick.kirk1947@yahoo.com Ministry Phone: 1-614-396-67741-614-396-6774; ShoutLife.com Website: www.shotlife.com/keminschurchesintl SCHOOL OF THE PROPHETS WEBSITE : www.schooloftheprophets.ning.com
10/05/2010 Tuesday 8:03 AM Dear ALL ShoutLife.com Friends & Families, Love; joy; peace; hope; greetings; & Blessings in Christ Jesus- always!!! The LORD gave me a Word of Prophetic Warning on June 25, 2010 at 1 AM for which The Spirit Of The Lord gave the title of : “JUDGMENT SHALL BEGIN FIRST IN THE HOUSE OF GOD IN THIS HOUR!” This Prophetic Word of Warning has been prophetically confirmed in The Spirit of The Lord by four other Prophets since The Lord allowed me to release it to The Bride of Christ! The Holy Scriptures in this Prophetic Warning begin with: Micah 3 (The Whole Chapter); and Malachi 3:1-11! “JUDGMENT SHALL BEGIN FIRST IN THE HOUSE OF GOD IN THIS HOUR! Well-known U.S. Prophets are going to be the FIRST to be judged by The Holy Hand Of of God, because you are serving the spirit of mammon; greed; and filthy lucre! I, The LORD of Hosts, hate it; and it is coming down very soon and HARD!” 42% of the so-called, born-again, Spirit-filled Christians in America in this LAST National Elections in 2008 VOTED FOR OBAMA! The Bride of Christ in America already had THE KING of kings; but, like ancient Israel, America CLAMORED for a “king”! God gave BOTH Ancient Israel and America a “SAUL”! NOW, the Holy Verdict of Almighty God is found in Amos 5:24 : “Let judgments run down like many rivers and righteousness like many streams!, says The Lord Of Hosts!” In Loving Service To God And To ALL Of The Sons Of The Kingdom Of God In ALL Of The Nations, I remain, In Christ Jesus, Brother Patrick A. Kirk: KINGDOM ENCOURAGERS MINISTRIES & CHURCHES INTERNATIONAL; patrick.kirk1947@yahoo.com 1-614-396-67741-614-396-6774 www.shoutlife.com/keminschurchesintl
Prophetic Revelation On The School of Prophets
10/03/2010 Sun., 1:39PM Dear ALL ShoutLife.com Friends & Families, Love; joy; peace; & blessings in Christ Jesus-now & always! As of 10/02/2010, I now have two BRAND NEWLY POSTED & PUBLISHED BLOGS on the Website of THE SCHOOL OF THE PROPHETS at: www.schooloftheprophets.ning.com that lovingly INVITE you to go and read and share with others! TWO BLOGS: (1). “THE CRY OF THE FATHER’S HEART FOR RESTORATION OF TRUE KINGDOM ORDER!” ; (2). “LET US ALL GIVE GOD ALONE ALL OF THE GLORY!”. They were just APPROVED for publishing as of 10/02/2010 on their Website. I appreciate ALL of you in The LORD Jesus Christ; and I pray HIS RICHEST BLESSINGS upon ALL of you daily!!! In Loving Service To God And To ALL Of The Sons Of The Kingdom Of God In All Nations, I remain, In Christ Jesus, Brother Patrick A. Kirk KINGDOM ENCOURAGERS MINISTRIES & CHURCHES INTERNATIONAL patrick.kirk1947@yahoo.com ShoutLife Website: www.shoutlife.com/keminschurchesintl School Of The Prophets Website: www.schooloftheprophets.ning.com Ministry Phone: 1-614-396-67741-614-396-6774

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