Callings,Commissions and Giftings of the Lord

There are many names we have in the body of Christ and we label this or that……..
They’ re considered “callings or giftings ” from God….A word to the wise……..
Now while we need to have a piece of paper for ordinations and such,what
supersedes that is ALL must be sealed and come from the throne room of God.
or it is not God…….
What qualifies a Person for such Titles
1.Heart,a matter thereof
2.Temple,where the Holy Ghost resides,a cleansing
3.Spirit,our contrite and humbleness turning everything over to Him
4.Repentance,seeking daily first the Kingdom and then these things will be added
5.Worship,only those that worship Him in spirit and in truth will see the Kingdom
6.Will,staying in God’w will,and then He will give us His perfect best for our life.

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