Today ,I saw the word—-“BETRAYAL”….in big bold letters……..The Lord impressed uon me the betrayal going on between brothers and sisters ,and future betrayal,but the biggest betrayal has been to the Lord,Jesus Christ……….. What does that mean??????????? The words came quite quickly into my spirit and I began to write……The voice that spoke was that of our Lord and it was edged with deep pain and grief….for those who have betrayed Him and will betray Him……
How quickly the people forget what has been done on the cross for them…..How quickly do they forget to spend time with Me,to base every decision on Me,how quickly do they forget that I long to be important and  first in their lives …. At that point,the Lord had me look up the word “BETRAYAL..”Here is the meaning……..To give over to an enemy or deliver into the hands of the enemy….treason….. To be false or disloyal…..To lead astray or deceive…..To breach a confidence……… A heavy silence filled the room and then the voice continued.Betrayal is taking place amongst those who call themselves brothers and sisters…..Betrayal and Defilement in the marriage bed,in the relationship of family,spiritual relationship and most of all in the Wedding Supper of the Lamb…… Many who say that they are your brother or sister in My name are truly not.They defile My name and lie to the people……There is no remorse in them,,,,,for they think I do not see it……Many expose to tear down and not restore.gossip and not pray,devour and not fill up….lie and not speak truth in love…….Betrayal happened first with Me (Jesus)for they called me all kind of names,even when they (Phariseeans etc)had no evidence,they would make it up……This is how it is for many of you today……..It is called persecution and more persecution..Betrayal first happened with Judas and even with Peter…….Oh how it hurt,but now it is happening now and it will increase for those kind of people do not care who they hurt…….It comes in the form of lying…….or half truth.It comes in the form of  gossip or let me share so we can pray about this,signifying a breach of confidence…..It comes in the form of retaliation…..You hurt me ,so I will hurt you…..It comes in half hearted and broken relationships,half commitments,no a hurry …… Most of all it leads us in unaware in our relationship with Christ ,it betrayal to Him when we make a promise to do better,to spend more quality time with Him,and on and on it goes……..I tell you now ,you have “BETRAYED ME”YOUR LORD” when you do not forgive,when you gossip and hurt someone else,when there is no  godly sorrow among you,when you tear each other down ,when you use the gospel and any part of the bible as a weapon to tear down,when you can spend more time spending your money ,having a good time and by that I mean you allow the world more importance than Me,and your outward cover is a lie.When I have taught you about seeking My face daily and repenting of your bogus ways,,,,,,,when I have commanded you to Be Holy as I am Holy……and your garments are stained and wrinkled and I have told you over and over to keep your  oil lamps ready…….I am coming and you know not when………Just as well,for many are not ready………..I urge you and warn you this day::::::Be ye Holy,,,,,Walk not with the ungodly,with every prayer give thanks,strengthen your faith ,come together that you may be found approved ….Seek Me,with all your heart,soul, mind and body.For behold,there are many enemies in your camp,both in the church and the body of Christ and you will see this more in the days ahead as to where there heart really lies…….URGENT URGENT URGENT ((((((((((((BETRAYAL IN THE CAMP)))))))))))))(REGARDING GOD’S PEOPLE)The end of this word ……… Scriptures came as I write this:, Luke 22:21-22     But behold,the hand of him that betrayeth Me is with Me on the table ,And truly the Son of man goeth,as it was determined,but woe unto that man by whom he is betrayed…..Luke  22:48     But Jesus said unto him,Judas,betrayest thou the Son of man with a kiss????Luke 22 56-61 But  a certain maid beheld him as he sat by the fire and earnestly looked upon him,and said,This man was also with him,And after a little while another saw him and said,Thou art also of him,And Peter said,Man ,I am not.And about the space of one hour after another confidentlyaffirmed saying,Of a truth this fellow also was with him,for he is a Galilean,And Peter said,Man,I know not what thou sayest,And  immediately ,while he yet spake the cock crew.And  the Lord turned  and looked at Peter,And Peter remembered the word of the Lord how he said unto him…..Before the the cock crow ,thou shalt deny me thrice…….POST SCRIPTS: Men and Women ,prophets ,apostles ,watchmen, who have been called by the most God……. Be on the alert…Man your post ,warn for there is much danger ahead…Do not be silent!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do not be isolated….The enemy is trying to overcome you………Again,the enemy is in your camps!!!!!!!!!!!!!There is an old hymn called:::::I Have Decided to Follow Jesus and the main part of the song is this:The wolrd behind me,the cross in front of me ,no turning back.The hymn will follow so you can listen to it and let it be a proclamation to all whom you follow.OR CHECK IT OUT ON YUTUBE….. In His ServiceBette Stevens

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