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bette and john profile picJohn and Bette Stevens  grew up knowing the Lord. Bette starting out as Roman Catholic, and knew nothing about the Holy Spirit. John on the other hand knew about the Holy Spirit; but got busy with other things and lost sight of his personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.

It was not until John and Bette met and got married that they KNEW that they urgently needed  to return to there First Love- Jesus Christ! From there is when everything began to come back into focus. God bless them with four children, all whom are now grown. God has continued to pour out His blessings upon them with thirteen grand children.

They were in a local Church for almost twenty-five years; and the Lord called them away from that local Church as HE sifted, purified, and transformed us into the greater image of Jesus Christ!

God has called them into ministry as Pastors: and on Sunday, February 21, 2010 they were ordained as Pastors/Ministers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ through there Apostle and Overseer, Brother Patrick Kirk of Kingdom Encouragers Ministries International.

God has birthed a Church in our midst for His Glory! Bette Stevens have been healed of cancer, not just once but twice by the Hand of the Lord. God has imparted a heart for Israel and the LOST! God has made us his Under-Shepherds who are the caretakers and anointed to teach and to impart sound Kingdom Foundational Principles and the whole counsel and the Kingdom oracles of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

God has also given Bette a Prophetic Vision for which the Lord has commissioned her to write a book, titled: “REDEEMED FROM HELL”, which has been written as God’s Endtime Plea and Warning to His Remnant and Kingdom People. Get your copy here.

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  1. Thank you for sharing .
    I have not fully heard yoru testimony but i am going too.
    So far . I thank GOD and you .=) for sharing .

    it make my feet curl up that i want to share this lots of people .
    Thank you

    Sandra Luz Farmer

  2. Bette,

    I heard you on John the Baptist. Confirmation!!! It was as if every word you were speaking was Rhema to me. God had shown me most of what you said. It clarified how I get visions, too, and seldom think of them as a message. I was wrong. What do you think of the Christian enclaves that are coming? Also called safe havens? I think they are a wise place from which to operate as the end times church, sending out from there and welcoming those weary travelers.

  3. Hi Mike

    Thank you for your comment…….there will be safe havens…..In some places they are already in the making…….God bless you…..

  4. I pray that you move to WV. We need you here! Please pray for my 33 year old son who was saved until he went to college. We don’t blame it on anyone but ourselves for not giving him a firm enough foundation! Do you know of any churches I could attend near Beckley, WV that would be similar to the one you attend. I’m so not satisfied with our Pastor and I must follow what my husband wishes to do. So torn. Please teach us how to witness to others! I am beyond shy! Blessings and Prayers going out to you, your husband, and your wonderful family!

  5. Hi Terri

    I thank you for your kind words.I do not know personally of a church around there….We have our own………God called us out of the main streams churches years ago….We have a house church and we are also somewhat mobile….We also do fellowship,bibles studies on skype…….by computer….

    If you should ever be in columbus ,please let us know and stop by …….
    God bless you


  6. Hi Sister Bette – when is the Fellowship Bible Study? and Boots on the Ground or Boot Camp is that still available?

  7. Hi Sister Christine
    We have Fellowship Bible study through our house church here in Ohio and yes Boots on the Ground is still available and I have put the first 2 lessons up here on the website.

  8. Dear sister Better, thank you for your stern,no nonsense approach, I appreciate your deep devotional leadership that is an attribute to what a woman of God should aspire to be, Sister, you are a Debra! Sister,I would like prayer for my unsaved children, these are their names Anna, Julie and my youngest son Michael. Michael is currently serving time in Phoenix AZ. on drug charges, he is due for release on Feb.14, 2019. About two years ago the Lord gave me a vision showing me that Satan had a hook on the back of Michael’s neck, I told this to my son,of course he denied he was doing anything wrong, about two weeks later he was arrested. Michael needs deliverance from drugs,I lift them up to the Lord in prayer,I know that the Lord is in the business of rescuing the lost, I have the faith they will be saved. God’s blessings sister to you and yours.

  9. God bless you dear sister, We also lift you and your husband up in prayer, thank you for availing yourself to the Lord, through you we hear the Lord’s voice and His will and instructions for our lives during these dark last days. Many blessing

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