Redeemed from Hell

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God has given Bette a Prophetic Vision for which the Lord has commissioned her to write a book, titled: “REDEEMED FROM HELL”, which is now published and was written as God’s End-Time Plea and Warning to His Remnant and Kingdom People. You may get a free copy by clicking here. God bless you.

Click here to download the book in English.

We are happy to announce Redeemed from Hell is now translated in Swahili & Urdu!!!

Click here to view and download in Swahili.

Click here to view and download in Urdu.

Listen to the book on audio below!

Part 1

Part 2

Listen to the Redeemed From Hell on YouTube!


Introducing Bette’s New Book REVOLUTION IN HELL!!!

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Click here to download Revolution In Hell in English.

12 Comments to Redeemed from Hell

  1. Hi,

    I am andrewson from USA.I am editor in a Religion Magazines.I saw your site and your teaching are very informative for our magazine.

    We publish many religious teaching in our Magazine in different Languages and pay for that teaching.

    So if you translate your teaching in different Languages and send us then we will pay us almost 2000$ in a month.

    so what is your decision?

  2. Powerful books on the testimony of Hell! It moved me to examine my heart even more and repent! May JESUS bless you!!

  3. Yes a very real and fearful visitation of hell. I need to develop my relationship with the father through jesus with the help of the holy spirit. Repent everyday even more than twice a day as needed. I’m.sorry you had to visit this place but thank you lord jesus for using bette to spread this message the world needs to know.

  4. Ory,,,,,Yes very real……….It was God’s will and hopefully bringing one soul into the King.Please feel free to keep in touch.

    There is plenty of head knowledge,but what about the heart?????

    God bless you


  5. I’m pretty sure I have the mark on inside of right wrist and another on my vainon the top of right hand looks a grain of rice but dark looks like it’s inside of my vain but I feel in my heart that God can and wants to heal me I was healed before and save but I knew nothing of what to do with it and didn’t know what I had and fell once again I need prayer I’ve learned so much since then and don’t understand how I can love someone so much yet hurt him I heard the most beautiful thing the other day that mother Teresa (I think that’s her name) she was asked how do you do everything you do and she replied “I look at everyone as though they were Jesus” how can you go wrong looking at people in that way? You just can’t! God bless you. Father in Jesus name I pray that you keep Betty her husband, famaly, ministry and those who are touched through her works Amen.

  6. Hi Sister B . Prayers from Ireland . I listen to you regularly please pray for me and my Family 👪 .Pray for Irish Priests some are in very great need of prayer . Thank you .

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