sharing—Feb 26,2017

  The Gate/The Road February 26,2017 One is very narrow/One is very broad IT HAS BEEN IMPRESSED UPON ME TO SHARE THIS AGAIN……THIS WILL BE A VERYHEAVY TIME WE WILL BE ENTERING,.SUFFICE TO SAY TO THOSE THAT DECLARE A TIME OF PEACE,AND REPRIEVE,THAT MANY OF YOU WILL NOT BE READY FOR WHAT WILL BEFOLLOWING……MANY WARNINGS HAVE WENT OUT OVER THE YEARS,MANY SCOFF AND MOCK THE WARNINGS,HOWEVER I AM IMPRESSED TO WARN YOU THAT THERE IS A PLACEIN HELL FOR YOU, I WAS NOT ALLOWED TO SEE IT….ALTHOUGH THE OTHER PLACES I WAS TAKEN SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES…….KEEP IN MIND THAT GOD’S TIMINGAND WAYS ARE NOT OURS……WHAT WE THINK OF IMPENDING,SOON OR IMMINENT ORURGENT,IS NOT NECESSARILY THE TIMING IN THE LORD’S VOCABULARY……….THE LORD HAS ALSO IMPRESSED UPON ME TO GET MORE BOOKS IN REGARDS TO MY EXPERIENCES IN HELL.wE MUST TAKE THESE THINGS SERIOUSLY AND NOT IGNORE FOR THE TIME COMES WHEN TIME WILL BE NO MORE AND THE EVIL CREEPS THE EARTHSEEKING………  This was given to me several years ago……In this vision,very clearly I was taken to a huge field……Later,I was found standing between two roads…..On one side, the roadwas very long and wide and I saw many many people walking this road……..Many ,so many that there was NO room for anyone else to get on…..These people also I noticed had worn,wrinkled and torn white or what used to look likewhite garments.I was standing off to the side with the Lord and I watch so MANY on this wide road,it was sofull, I figured no one else could get on,but it was a LONG road…….as people kept walking after awhile,I would hear screams…….As I looked over at the narrow gate,the path itself was very narrow and I saw only 2 or threeon that path…..Here is the bottom line:::::::What the Lord showed me in this vision was soooooo MANY people are on the wide road,to hell,having allowed the world to overcome them……..Many are NOT ready to do the walk God asks of us…after all,its to hard…Many are not ready to hear truth or correction,so instead become offended….Many are not ready to come face to face eventually with a Holy God,living in fear and doubt.rather than victory….Many do not want to give up sin,it is easier to love the sin than it is to love God….and many want to believe that God doesn’t mind if there is a little sin around…….Many worship idols,what constitutes idolatry,what people,yes pastors ,family or anyone moreimportant or takes priority above the Lord……Things that cause us to sin by how we look at them,how important something is……..Saints,its time to check our selves daily and stay with a repentant heart…Take inventory of your heart,and ask the Holy SPirit,he will reveal where your priorities really are…….. After all we are to Seek the Kingdom first ,and then all these things will be added….Scripture References:: Matt 6:33Acts 17:30Matt 10:37Prov 6:162Kings 17:40-41Hos 4:6Matt 22:14Matt 10:28Matt 6:24Gal 5:16 In conclusion::::::Be mindful and keep your ear attuned to the Holy Spirit……..What the King wants ,the King gets..Be mindful of your representation and whom you serve……..God bless you all…..Time is very short……Bette Stevens 

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