The End Days Houses Churches,Cities of Refuge,Better Known as Goshens or Safe Havens

Please listen carefully…God is speaking His word……Are you listening…….??????Are you allowing the whirl wind of the Almighty to speak to you?
So be it,In an urgent word,the house church,groups ,underground churches,must be set .be on alert now.God is calling………
For right now,SHelter In Place ,I have heard for a long time….,meaning DON”T MOVE.!!!!!!
We must only align as the Spirit is in control,and only at His direction………
I am hearing network in place……We have also done this for awhile.
Stay tuned I will be having a phone conference soon….for those that have ears to hear and eyes to see.
Points to examine and remember on target….
World War 3 is in the making and actually already started.although it didnt go the way people thought……It will be across the US soonerThis is in actual fact a Holy War…….its like Civil War vs God and He has never lost a battle.
The anti christ will arise world wide soon.I can’t say much more on this as the Holy Spirit has not allowed me to release anything else at the moment.
Worse pestulences are in the making,however they are not all released yet…It will be like nothing we have ever seen and mass deaths will accumilate and take its toll……..
I will be bringing more as the Lord allows me to release..These will be great Revelations from the Lord.
Remember the bible is your strength,your salvation and your sword……and will keep you healthy….
Shalom and blessings Prophetess Bette Stevens

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