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Sharing a word given by the Lord to me in 2015

 THE HOUR OF TRUTH IS UPON YOUAugust 11,2015The Lord is speaking right now to everyone that will listen……..1.It is time to recover from depression,oppression,sickness and things allowed by the enemy,,,,,,,2.It is time to open the windows of your spiritual house (heart)and clean it out of all the garbage that has accumulated……3.It is time to prepare your hands for the Apostolic work of the Kingdom…..4.It is time that you will determine in your mind all of these things…..5.It is time to discipline yourself and your body to BE the church,not apart of…..6.It is time to possess the land,not the other way around…….7.It is time to bring in the harvest,the last ones for the last time……..8.It is time to weld spiritual warfare ,to damage the Kingdom of Darkness……9.It is time to know your authority ,that you have been given the key s of the Kingdom,that you are NOW seated in heavenly places,not going to be…10.It is time to articulate and meditate on My word,to be serious of those things coming and to endure to stand…..11.It is time to turn your back on wordly things and look to spiritual things,and matters……12.It is time to become serious in all the things of God……..1.Spend time with Me,you can’t hear what I am saying when you have other distrations and other things going on….I desire your first fruits…….2.Pray,intereceding without ceasing,even if you don’t think I am listening.for those become the greatest times in your prayer life and I will answer,but not always the way you think…..3.Talk to me ,like you would to anyone ,for I am always here for you…….4.Confess your faults and know I forgive,but you must make a strong effort to turn away,godly sorrow in repentance………5..Live a somewhat fasted life..6,Use your spiritual language daily…….It will build up your spiritual life…7.You say you are saved and baptized in the Holy SPirit and fire,then don’t allow it to lay dormant,use that power I gave you…Summary,,These are things the Lord has given me and instructed me to share…….May your life be fuller and more fruitful…..You wont know these things unless your taught…..May we all over come the obstacles of life and stay committed to the task at hand………Jesus Christ….ShalomBette Stevens

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