Today’s Word….Very Important

                                                   Received This Word Today Accompanied By an Open Vision,                                                   Septemeber 08,2018
First.I heard  these words in my spirit..My Father says that we do not have as much time as we thought.Vision:I saw t he Lord and the Father,though I could not not see His face,I saw the fire,and Jesus(Yehoshua)walk over  and say ,Do you remember that I told you I wouldtell you what you need to know at the time.?I said ,Yes ,I remember….He said,_We are about to close up here,we have sold everything we had…so we canclose the door now…In the meantime I am kind  of looking around and I am not able to see faces,but I know there are people in the room and  I ask,Who are these people??????  Jesus smiled and said,Oh those are the ones that really longed to  see the day thatyou are about to see….This is what everyone has been talking about……and they are very excited… You mean all these last day things….???and He said yesthen a silence and then He said,You must go now and remember what I told you that not all things will happen the  way people think… Turn the sign over as you leaveand I turned the sign over and it  read:CLOSED PERMANENTLY and that was the end an it went quickly…… Given by Bette Stevens

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  1. There is a strong possibility however from someone else’s perspective ,thinking it also can refer to the oil being sold out…as in the Ten Virgins in the book of Matthew

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