BOOTS ON THE GROUND TRAINING                                                                 PART 1
Just like good soldiers /troopers in a military operation,so are God’s people who are beingcalled into service by God and in God’s army.What are some of the attributes of a soldier????? They are taught to fight,to be ready to war,to be active and vigilant.and to know as much aspossible about their enemy and above all to know how to engage in battle.
Ephesians 6:10-20 So today we  are going to talk about warfare.We learn through reading the word that this battle is not a physical battle,but a spiritual one… we need to cover ourself in protectiveouterwear…..So I am asking each one of us to name the components that make up our spiritual armor

And also to each identify what the spiritual armor stands for:::

and then also list what they stand for. What are some of the Preliminaries to be prepared for battle beforehand,which include,witnessing,preaching in the streets,traveling to other places.even our own communities.James 4:71 John 4:42 Cor 10:3-51 Pet 5:8-9Rom 8:37Zech 4-6Luke 10:19John 10:10Rev 12:11Isa 40:311Tim 6:12Ps 44:5Ps 18:392 Chron 20:15Josh 1:9Remember satan does not have the final word over our lives,but God does.Is it necessary to do spiritial warfare and ie,self deliverance….????? Yes,daily,why?because we are not fight flesh and blood,but spiritual powers of darkness…..What is the difference between warfare and deliverance?????Warefare is when we are engage against powers of darkness on behalf of someone or a situation or asking for help to interced in warfare for us or on our behalf….Deliverance on the other hand,is knowing that we live in a fallen world,with imperfect people,we find ourselves in life daily ,sometimes beyond our control and satan is relentless in getting to God’s people,and we may or may not know that we have demons,yes chiristians can be infiltrated with a bunc h of demonic garbage and it is imperative that deliverance is done as soon as possible because it can creat havoc in fellowship,relationalships in marriage and it can cripple any ongoing ministry or calling…..You cannot always to attempt to do deliverance on your own…..Seek wise counsel first…….No matter,satan will continue to come against us until Christ returns.Also our soul is made of of three parts1.mind-wisdim,knowledge2.will-choices or rejects3.emotions-desires,joy,love etcThese consist of all the things of our carnal flesh,to feel,to see,to hear,to make decisions and choices,to submit or not.and so on.Our spirit has three parts1 Conscience-to know right from wrong2. Fellowship-to commune with God-connect with God3.Intuition-to have a direct knowing regardless of whether it makes sense or notHow does this apply today….??????All our choices will impact us in someone and can also affect others……It can hinder or cause us to grow spiritually,we use all of the abouve,sometimes out of habit other times we are notalways aware…….Ponder these things and Scriptures in your heart .One of our most important emotions is love…..loving our Creator to have an intimate relationship with Him….We make a conscious decision to follow after Him….. God bless you all and be ready for Part 2 coming up……ShalomBette Stevens


  1. Blessings Bette and John.
    We love you!

    I wish to enroll in BOOTS ON THE GROUND

  2. THANK YOU/////What we re actually doing is I am writing and will put up the lessons on

    the website,if you want to print them off or have them emailed to you you can…….The first one has some questions to answer……..

    God richly bless you


  3. Good morning. I printed this off this morning. I will send my thoughts in the morning. I hope you also will give me some feedback. I’m not so sure I understand what all is included in preparing for battle.

  4. I have an appt. with an eye doctor today, My vision has changed over the last two weeks where I can barely see. I have worked on reading the material but I’m having a hard time. I will respond as quick as I can.

    Thank you. Please whisper a prayer for me,

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