Boots On The Ground Training ___Witchcraft_Nov 3rd,2018

Addressing,Witchcraft,Occult Practices and Other Forms of Witchcraft From A Biblical PerspectiveNovember 3rd,2018 Part of Boots On The Ground Training Question???? How do you define witchcraft? It is magic,black magic ,white magic(,wizzardry,chanting,spells,incantations or socery.,tarrot cards,fortune telling and astrology.etc.The Greek word for witch is pharmakoi which means poisoners since sorceries dealt in drugs and pharmaceutical portions.The Greek word for sorcery is pharmakeia from which we derive the word pharmacy. The bibles clearly states witchcraft is found in Deut.18:9-12In the Old Testament under the Law,the penalty for practicing witchcraft was death.Exodus 22:18     Lev 20:26-27     1 Chronicles 10:13{here we see Saul died for his transgression of consulting a familiar spirit(medium ).Understand that anyone that engages in these forms of witchcraft : above or connects with the dead or forms of spiritual human sacrifices by fire is found detestable in the eys of God.Witchcraft and Spirits and use of magic potions and mind controling drugs.Even the taking of trying to alter our state of mind or consciousness.Gal 5:20Rev 18:23-24 and 22:151Sam 15:23More modern techiques of witchcraft is Ouija boards,Horiscopes and Eastern Meditation Rituals.Repent and and look at Acts 19:19-20 Onlly Jesus has the words of life John 6:68 and we must put on the whole armour as told to us in Ephesians 6:11 and in our last lesson…in spiritual warfare.. What types of witchcraft religions are there:The practice is Wicca and those who practice it are Wiccan…..Neo Paganism:That of gathering in groups like  the celtric,Roman,Egyptian, and GreekOccultism such as groups Shamanism,Satinism,New Age etc.STOP HEREJer 44:17-19   c/f 7:17=20 The references here were to an Assyrian.Babylonian goddess named Ishtar also known as Ashtoreth.Ishtar was believed to have been the wife of Baal also known as Molech.Because of her status(being married to a chief male deity)was also known as queen of heaven.What is Wiccan?it was first known in the early 20th century in England in a very secretive and witch cult writings of  Margaret Murray,they ususally go off other cultic religions. I am leaving this here….DO NOT DO NOT dabble in any black or white magic of casting spells,seances,  levitating……..It opens the door to all kinds of demonic deities….. DO YOUR SPIRITUAL WARFARE>>>DAILY>>>AS CHrISTIANS WE ARE TO DO THIS>>>DONT BE CAUGHT OFF GUARD>>>>>AND IF YOU ARE NOT SURE ASK!!!!! Witchcraft in any form is an abomination before God and anyone caught in it,influenced by it,will not enter heaven…… This is just a small part of being spiritually prepared ….. God bless you all……… Bette Stevens

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  1. I had a co-worker many years ago that professed to be a Wiccan.
    I also now have a family member who is into Shamanism and is talking to the dead supposedly. I have asked God for His protection to surround the innocent child in that household; I don’t know what else to do. I do have the child in my home on most weekends and she is too young to understand about Jesus or God because I have tried talking to her about Him. I have rebuked the darkness many times through my home just in case there was anything here.

  2. Hi Ms Bette,
    I was wondering your thoughts on a closely related topic. I once heard and am convinced it to be true that simply praying against the will of God for ourselves or for others can be considered a form of witchcraft. These prayers may actually create an oppression unintentionally over our lives or others lives because the prayers open demonic doors. I therefore take great care in praying for others and myself…Any thoughts?

  3. Hi Ms Robin

    We are not to pray against His judgements,but rather pray they are righteous and His will be done.
    Its not about us,its all about him…..

    Even in the midst of judgement God will have mercy…..that is why they are Redemptive judgements.

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