A Spy In The Enemy Camp This is an edited transcript of the YouTube video ‘recorded on March 5th, 2017. This edit is shortened No facts have been omitted and the content remains the same in it’s meaning. A first video of this was recorded March 4th, 2017 but that video was pulled because it did not come out right. A lot of people asked about it because apparently the voice sounded garbled or distant and they could not make out the whole video. (Transcriber ) Okay, Brothers and Sisters, Today is March 5th, 2017…. I’ve had a very, very hard time. I’ve had many spiritual attacks going on to get to this point. The reason was because I was going to be making this video at the discretion of the Lord and the things He was showing me. So I just want to give everyone a heads up about the video.  This is very powerful, very descriptive and distinctive. I know the Lord wanted me to get it out as soon as possible and I have been trying. We have encountered so many spiritual attacks and some things that were even heavier. I know that the Lord would not allow us to be taken out until His time. So praise the Lord here I am once more.  Seriously, seriously consider everything I am going to say and pray, pray about it. I’m going to read from the notes looking away from the screen as I read. I want to make sure I get every detail in as accurately as possible. 
I will not be giving any real interpretation. I will explain a couple of things but I will not be giving an actual, interpretation or what have you. I cannot answer any questions pertaining to this video because it is for your edification to be aware, to be knowledgeable, and to ask the Holy Spirit.  With that in mind I’m going to pray right now.  Father God, I just thank you for this opportunity to be able to bring this video and share this vision with the people Lord. I pray there will be no distractions, no targets, no enemy’s attacks over this video and over what I’m going to say and over any of the communications, Lord, of the computer. I pray right now Lord, that my mouth will speak what you have shown me only and only that, you have told me Lord, and I pray that everyone will have an open heart and an open spirit to receive thus which is going fourth. In the mighty name of Jesus, and we give You all the glory, we give You the honor and we give You all praise and we recognize You as our Lord and our Savior. Amen and amen. So here we go Saints. Please feel free to share this. However go as the Spirit leads on this one. This is very deep and may not be for everyone. I will be putting something in the description box that I would ask that everyone read. This particular vision was given to me on March 2nd of 2017, about 3 days ago and it was around 6 a.m. The word that came up was INCOGNITO. You may want to Google search that because really Incognito is like masquerading, being impersonated, being someone you’re not, maybe being a spy, those kinds of things. So I was given the word INCOGNITO. I found myself where I was just taken into a dark area. Now, at first I thought I was in Hell as I’ve already been there twice so I thought because of all the darkness it was Hell. But it was not Hell, I can empathetically tell you it had nothing to do with Hell. However, it was very dark and I found myself on a ledge of some type crouching very low. I instinctively knew I was not to be seen. I did not understand why but I was not to be seen. I was behind, like a wedge, a wall, maybe halfway. It was a type of wall where I could see over if I was careful. I was not concealed but I knew in my mind I was to stay concealed. So I positioned myself that way. I was waiting because what was going on through my mind is, “What is this place? Why am I here? What’s happening? Why is it so dark?” I mean it gets a little bit…um…the hairs on my arm stood up. I mean I was really getting very antsy.  As I was trying to look over this ledge or wall I saw lights. Lights appeared. And as I looked over I was up kind of high, So I was up kind of high looking down and I saw what looked like a laboratory of some type. I don’t know. A doctor’s laboratory.  More, I think of a science laboratory and the reason why I say this is it was very distinctive. There were panels along the walls. There were screens. There were a lot of, okay, when I come to this part I’m going to refer to as creatures or beings. That’s what these were. Some of them, were in white lab coats. Some we’re not. And they were busy working the panels. I think pushing buttons. There were seats like for them to sit down. They could look up to the screen and there was a lot of activity.  Now these beings or creatures were very unusual. At least for me. I’ve never seen completely except for on TV.  Some of these creatures were half human and half machine. Some of them had long tails, some of them did not. Almost all of the ones I saw walked upright. Some of them had real long hair, and long hairy face and arms and hands, what I could see of them because they had long white lab coats on. Like what you would wear in a laboratory or in a doctor’s or  dentist’s office, those kinds of things. And some had ears but they were pointed ears like animal ears.  So they were different shapes but they all were able to walk on two legs. The interesting part is on one part of their face you see there face like here an eye and an ear. It would look like us, but you look over to the other side of the face and what I could see of it was machine! What I could see of their hands and stuff was human hands.  I don’t know the rest of their body because it was covered. It could have been a machine. However there was a few that were completely machine and their hands were machine or made of machinery. So there were some robots.  I did see some type of mechanical robots and they have been programmed. They were doing different things or just standing there. It seemed like they were standing there at attention for and waiting for orders. This is how I seemed to get that in my mind as well. And so it was very distinctive, very colorful like I said, in the way they looked. You could definitely tell those that had part machinary because you could see silver glistening. I mean they were just pure, pure machine.  I don’t know how else to describe it. Whell yes I do in a way. If you when growing up as I did had seen the movie Robocop that used to be on you know that he was half machine and half human.  The same way with The Bionic Woman, The Bionic Man or the Six Million Dollar Man, if you remember any of those programs maybe off of the science fi movies or the Star Trek,  Star Wars, these particular beings are called cyborgs, and these that I saw reminded me of like cyborgs or mechanical robots.  Mechanical humans some of them and the space was rather large. I don’t know really how big or how far back it went. I could not see. But what I did see reminded me of a spaceship that was on Star Trek. Basically because it was lined out with panels in the front, screens, and several screens above.  People were sitting there and robots, some of them were off to the side, just there. I don’t know if they were programmed to do anything or not. I saw some chairs like the big chairs you see see on Star Trek. Those were there and so I got the impression that it was definitely some type of area where they were doing either research or some type of work because people were very, very busy.  At that point I did not hear any voices although I could see these creatures communicating between each other without words. Now understand I do know that does work. I know how that works because of when I was taken to Hell twice back in 2008 and beyond. Demons did communicate without words, they understood. And to me later on this was confirmed. I will just tell you upfront it is mind control, mind technology. What I saw as we go on was some type of very, very advanced technology. Nothing that we have here. As I continue I look at my notes because I want to make sure that I gave you what they look like, what the area looked like, and what I sensed.  Looking at everything as best as I could there were rolling in, on/off table of some type like what you might use to be operated on. One of those iron or silver type of tables that they use maybe in the operating room or some type in the hospital. On it was this big black, what I want to say, is a big, black cylinder? I don’t know that it was a cylinder because it was very large and a very round. It was very large as far as length  then the width was very fat. It was really big and fat for a cylinder. But it could have been. At least that is how I saw it. To the best of my ability I’m explaining it. At that point one of the creatures started talking, not to me. They didn’t know I was there yet…but started talking, kind of like giving orders and talking amongst themselves and I was able to understand what they were saying. Basically this black cylinder,  which is what I’m going to refer to it as, was a bomb.  It was not and is not like anything I’ve seen, ever on television or if you Google it. I can’t even come close to what this looked like. It was not like anything that our military would have. I kept thinking in the back of my mind, “This is very, very advanced technology.” What these creatures were saying was, “This is going to go off and when it does we’re almost ready.”  Listen, the enemy is ready to fire. To fire up on the Earth. And what this creature said was, “When we get this up there it’s going to do a lot of damage over the face of this Earth and many Christians we’ll see, we’ll see because they’ll fall away from their God. They’ll lose hope and they will lose faith and they will question and get angry and ask ‘”Where is God in this and why did He allow this to happen?” This is their ammo for this bomb. It had a little panel on the side.  I watched the creature open that panel and he did something with wires. I don’t know if he was disconnecting or connecting wires. He was pushing buttons and those kinds of things. Then he shut the panel door and they rolled it to the side basically.  This thing was very unusual and apparently the impression I got was when it was released it would do a lot of damage! Something like we’ve never seen before. That’s how advanced this would be. At that particular moment behind me I heard a voice and He said, “In a few days. In a few days.” He said, “Listen and be still and don’t move and watch and learn.” “Now I don’t know what a few days is. I distinctly know that was the Lord speaking to me from behind because I do know the Lord’s voice when He speaks to me. I was at peace at that point in knowing He was there. But I do not have any indication of what He meant, “In a few days.”  Over in another corner some other creatures were pulling out, what I want to say was a huge black machine. I thought at first it was a black box, a black cube. It was not. It was a very huge, tall, black machine of some type, heavy, heavy, very heavy machinery. I would say that as far as how tall it was it was just as tall or taller than Donald Trump’s tower.  Out of the top of this black machine was fire shooting out of it in the colors of yellow, blue, green, I don’t know what all those are? There was a huge panel that went across. A panel door that went clear across the front of this machine.  One of the creatures opened that door and was working the panels and the buttons and there was a lot in there. There is a lot to this black machine.  Where this creature punched a button I watched black smoke come out at the top even though this fire that was coming out at the top didn’t stop this black smoke came out. Apparently it was only when this particular button in this panel was pushed.  Then I saw he pushed something else in there and it emanated noise. It was a very loud noise yet at the same time it was a very soothing type of noise.  I did not understand what that represented but I did understand that this black machine represented something huge that is going to take place most likely in the future here. But again, I’m not going to give any time frame because I don’t know and because the Lord’s time is not our time.  However, I did understand there is something huge and something very devastating that is going to take place with this black machine.
I think I’m doing pretty good. I want to make sure that I am as accurate as possible in describing this vision and making God’s people aware because that is what I was told to do. Knowledge is powerfull and we need to be aware.
At that point I did something that I know I shouldn’t have but I was not thinking. I was trying to get a little bit closer and I leaned over the ledge and I must have made a noise or something tumble. Maybe a rock, I don’t know. I don’t know how to describe that area that I was concealed in but apparently a noise was made and these creatures heard it and they all stopped what they were doing and looked in my direction. So I was basically caught. When they looked in my direction I hurried up and crouched down because I didn’t want them to see me even though I knew they had. And I didn’t want to look over there so I kept myself down.  All of the sudden I heard a voice boom out from that direction, “Come to me. Come to me.”  And at that point I heard the Lord behind me. He said, “Go now now. Go to the desert. I’ve prepared a place of safety there.” I started screaming. I don’t even know how I heard the Lord in all this but I started screaming. I heard the voice, “Come to me.” I said, “No, No, No!” All of the sudden I was whisked out of there and I found myself in a desert. it was awesome. It was just a regular desert. I thought I was by myself. I honestly did not know where I was. I was a little bit uptight because these things happened so quick. I looked behind me. I didn’t see anything. Wow!  This is amazing. It’s amazing because I’ll be honest with you when that voice came out it was a very commanding voice. I was frozen back there when I was before I could scream. When this voice came out it was a very compelling voice and sound. A sound of commanding. So this creature I’m assuming is a creature because I didn’t look. It had a very commanding voice. He may have been a leader down there or someone in a high, high office I guess. When I say compelling or very fierce it was a commanding voice expecting to be obeyed instantly. It was very propelling because it almost wanted to draw you to that voice. When I found myself in the desert, praise God. I saw the Lord. He came and He sat with me. He knew that I was really uptight. That I was, as we would say, “Coming a little unglued.” It was very hard. This was very hard. I mean I understand after going through this why all the attacks happened previous but that was the end of the vision as far as it ended when I was in the desert. The Lord sat with me for a little while because He is our comforter. He began to speak to me. He shared some things with me that I want to share with you because it’s not just for me. It’s for you too and it’s all about Him. It’s not about me or anyone else. He gets the glory in spite of whether we have to go through things or not. He gets the glory. He begin to comfort me and to soothe my fears because we’re all human and I had no idea that this was going to happen. I’ve never had a vision this way before. 
I’m willing to be used by the Lord. I had no problem with that. It’s just that it kind of took me very much by surprise. But if it’s going to help then I want to be a helper. To help others to be ready. So this is what the Lord began with. He asked me a question. It was very interesting. In fact I wasn’t even thinking about it. I wasn’t even really ready for it. This is what He said, please pay attention because it’s very important. It’s not just for me it’s it’s for you and you as as well.  He said, ” What do people say about me?” I thought to myself before I answered. I thought, “I’m sure that you know Lord.” Now please keep in mind we were not talking like we’re talking now, like I’m talking. We were talking Spirit to spirit. This is one of the things that Satan is going to counterfeit.  I said to the Lord, “Some say you are Jesus. You know, That He is the Son of God. Others don’t even believe in the word or they think things out or they add or they make up their own version and they believe, they don’t even believe the word of God. They don’t even believe in the Bible and still others believe You are a fine teacher. Even a very good prophet.” It was very quiet after I responded.
It was quiet for a moment or two. Then the Lord looked at me and very seriously said, “And you child, Who do you say that I am?” At that precise moment I looked at him instantly and I said without hesitation, “You are the are the Christ the Messiah, the Son of the Living God.” At and at that moment he smiled.  He said, “Then tell my people not to lose hope, not to lose faith.” That He will protect you and keep you in His perfect peace. There will be a sanctuary, a Haven even amidst the things that are coming for those that trust in Him and walk with Him so closely. He said, “I will always be here. My kingdom is an Everlasting Kingdom. My people must War for the enemy comes to seek and kill but I come to seek and save.” So we must war people of God. We must not allow the enemy to take territory anymore. We must advance the kingdom of God now. And we must take back. The enemy has stolen enough. We must rise as the body of Christ. We must get away from old traditions. We must get away from the past whatever that past might be and our past from where we came from and in our nation, in our government, things that have hurt us, things that have wounded us. Get away from man-made traditions, religious titles, and come together as the body of Believers that we say we are. Rise up not just a little specks here and there. I mean rise up as the body of believers and push back the evil! We have the power. It’s just that the people don’t use it. Whew! I do want to say this that the Lord revealed to me that I was on a spaceship. That I was correct in my assumptions of where I was as far as what was going on in there. He also told me that it was very, very advanced technology that is going on. It is mind technology. Mind manipulation. It is here. It has been built, put together and they are about done now. A lot of it is in place now to go! In other words we are going to expect to see some things that are horrible.   I asked the Lord, Would we be here be here for anything since so many talk about the Rapture and that’s fine and Gods coming. Yes, we are the Bride and need to be prepared for that but the Lord did tell me, “His timing is not our timing.”  His timing no matter what word you use,  is not our timing. How He does things, He does in his own way, not ours because He is not subject to man. He is God and He is God alone. He said, “Yes.” very distinctively. Yes we will be here to go through some things. This is one of the reasons why we have a gracious Father that warns us. Who uses those that are open to be used, that will do the will of the Father and will be bold enough to speak the truth to be aware.  Saints we must be aware of everything. We must prepare our minds and our hearts for the battles ahead. But we must also understand and know that Jesus Christ has prepared a place of safety. That no matter what comes, we are to stand victorious in the Lord God and what we know.  And what is that, that we know? It is that Jesus Christ the Messiah is the Son of the Living God. That he came as a man. He walked he walked this Earth so that we would be able to see, that as he overcame all the all the things that we have to go through in life, we can overcome with his abiding power in us.  His word says, “With God all things are possible” and “We can do all things through Christ that strengthens us.”Will we believe that and live it?  The enemy is ready to wage war like nothing we have seen yet so far. That is what this was about. The Lord has shared with me, Satan is ready to wage war on the Saints and what I’m saying… “wage war” I mean to the point to weary them down. To some he will overcome because he has a time now that he will overcome the Saints just like it is talked about in Revelation. That is this time.Please be aware and vigilant. Knowledge is very powerful.  I will also tell you the Lord showed me I was taken into two dimensions. In the dimension I was taken into I was as a spy in the enemy’s camp for the Lord. When I was taken over quickly I went into another dimension which was the desert just like what will take place in Revelation 12. I’ll put that up there just as something for you to read.
It’s very interesting how the Lord gives me the bigger picture. I was talking to this sister who had received some words from the Lord in reference to Daniel 11 which talks about Darius and the King of the North and the King of the South, the waging of the war, and how the Antichrist will eventually rise. The Lord refers to the Antichrist as the Anti-Messiah. He did not refer as the Alien savior as far as an antichrist. Not saying that’s not true but He just referred to him, which, is the first time that I’ve ever heard Him refer to him as the Antichrist. It’s very interesting. I’ve never been to different dimensions other than I’ve been places yes. Again, Satan will try to counterfeit all of this to make the body of Christ believe that God can’t do these things in the end times. That they no longer exist.  Be very careful of what you hear because the voice that I heard was as the Lord said the Anti-Messiah or the alien Savior and he was a very suave. He had a very Suave voice. Like I said his was a very propelling voice. Many will be deceived. In fact it was also said that he will look as close to what Jesus looked like when Jesus walked as a man on Earth. We know we have pictures of Jesus so ask  the Lord.Like I said I’m not going to give a big interpretation about the video. Ask the Lord and seek Lord. Seek Him.
This is the very, very first time I’ve ever been to any other dimension. I realize and I do know that there are dimensions between Heaven and Hell. Many of them. The reason why we’re all not aware of this technology, we may have heard that there’s a Dimension and it’s real but it’s being on another level and it’s in another dimension. Not everything is being done here on Earth.   There are some things being done under the Earth. Underground like we’ve heard about in Antarctica. There are things doing extreme danger. That is what I heard in the Spirit, “Extreme Danger” in regards to what is going on in Antarctica. A lot of things are going on in another dimension and they will soon be here on the planet Earth which will rack and bring chaos to a high degree, on a high level. I want you to know another thing that the Lord revealed or spoke to me about. The Antichrist has been doing his work on Earth. I think a lot of us know that. Not to the degree yet where he has been given full power and authority but enough to where everything is in place.  He is here. The only thing left is the actual entering of Satan to give over full power to the person that will become the Antichrist. There is mind-blowing technology going on right now.  One of the things I found out about the importance of this big black machine is the sound that emanates. I told you it was really loud but yet it was soothing. It summons Giants. When the Giants hear that sound or that noise, Whoo Wee! They respond to it. They are programmed to it. Or this machine tells them. It’s programmed what to do. It is to annihilate, kill and destroy. There are there are giants already here and the scope of this is very big. The Lord did tell me there is more coming. I’m going to have to really pray and brace myself because I wasn’t expecting this one. Yes they are they are programmed to this machine. This machine is programmed for orders to tell.  The understanding is the Giants will have to Kill and dispose of. 
It’s part of your mind manipulation and control technology. There are things that right now God cannot show me because it’s going to come at another time. It’s just not the time yet. It is so far advanced. Things are going on and if by some perchance these Giants are out there then they are waiting. They will go to wherever that sound is. They may or may not. There is some type of whatever technology is in this machine that can cause them to kill, cause them to be hidden.  You know, go into certain areas and be hidden and you may not see them. They can also be taken out of here and put in that dimension, another dimension.  The Lord revealed to me also that the government knows all about this. ALL the government, they are very aware. This hasn’t been something that’s just recently been done. This has been going on for years and they are about ready. There’s not too much left to do now. They are ready to basically, how they describe it, is to overthrow the Earth, the people.   We must pray. We must do spiritual warfare every day. The Spirit has come upon me very strongly. We need to do spiritual warfare. We need to come together and pray, make sure we know our word, encourage each other and help each other. We are to disciple even each other because we have questions. Are you going to send them away? Yes, we do go to the Lord first. We do go to the Holy Spirit. But also, God is raising up Godly men and women, servants, prophets and everything to speak truth and life to the people.  He’s doing that. We can’t negate that and leave that out just because of all the false stuff going on with the word, the people, the technology and all the counterfeits. We can’t negate and forget that God is still on the throne. He is still getting people together for that final battle. When we are together, are praying and we’re seeking we are very strong.  The enemy doesn’t like that. When we prepare, we should be preparing and being ready. Everyday we should be getting ready and preparing. That takes an examination, spending time with the Lord, staying in repentance, having a repentant heart,  I’m going to say, “This is real. This is real!”  What God showed me is real.  What the Lord revealed to me is real. He was very specific that I listen, learn and share. There is more coming. We are on the cusp of something horrible. For example… myself… If I did not know the voice of my God I would more than likely have been propelled forward with the voice of the Antichrist and no telling what would have happened from there.  But, God knows how to preserve His people. So don’t give up. Don’t give up hope. Don’t give up faith. In fact this should make you push in. Don’t fear because that’s where Satan likes to get us. Something that we don’t understand, that’s unknown to us, we fear. That’s why fear comes. Fear of the unknown.  We are to break off all those curses of fear, doubt, and unbelief and start standing on the word and start telling that Satan and devil, “You’re out of out of here, there’s no place for you, I am a child and I belonged to The King Jesus the Messiah, the Son of the Living God.” There is only one true God. There is only one. There is only one Church and that is the church that Jesus Christ built. The original Foundation. You can read about all that and how the Church flourished during Acts. It will happen again. I can tell you that it will happen again. It will be the way the Lord wants it to be and no other way. It is His final word to His Church, “Get  yourself in order and prepare now. Now! God bless all bless you. I love you very much. We as a ministry pray for you daily.  We engage in spiritual warfare on your behalf daily because we do not have time to play games or play church.We must prepare for battle. We must be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might. Not ours. Please take all things to the Spirit of God. Pray, seek Him and ask Him to reveal to you the truth, to give you the things you need for warfare because they’re already here. You just need to use them.   God bless you and take care. I know there will be more coming. Also, again as a reminder I will not be answering any questions about this video or there’s no interpretation other than what I told you the Lord gave me at the end because he because he is a faithful God. God shows His sovereignty in preparing a place of safety for His people just like He did there in the desert. He will do it again. We’ll do it again.  Just like a child has to be to enter The Kingdom it has to learn to walk and all the things they have to learn in order to grow we are the same. We have to have to learn. We have to listen at times. We have to be aware of everything in order to grow and become what God wants us to be. So with that being said Shalom. Have a wonderful day. Have God blessed day until later. I’ll be talking with you again. Dan 11, 7:25. Hab 2:4  Matt 16:16. John 17:15   Rev 12, 13:18Be mindful, have wisdom and understanding, the number of the Beast, his number is 666. Sister Bette Stevens


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