A Quest for Truth                                                         A Two in One Word                                                          Valley of Tears What is the quest for truth? sayeth the Lord……Why do I find so many lacking in faith…… I know your heart…….But,many,I have not their heart…….. The heart is the doorway to the issues of life……..It is also the dooorway to Me,by which no man comes except by Me.It is also that which contrives evil…..For I AM truth,the light of the world.the Holy one of  Israel…….A begining without end……..John 18:37-38      Pilate therefore said unto him,Art thou a king then?Jesus answered ,Thou sayest that I am a King ,To this end was I born and for this cause came I into the world,that I should bear witness unto the truth…..Everyone that is of the truth heareth My voice…. Pilate saith unto Him,What is truth?And when he had said this,he went again unto the jews and saieth unto them,I find in him no fault….. John 14:6               Jesus saieth unto him,I am the way,the truth,and the life,no man comes unto the Father ,but by Me. Jer 17:9-10            The heart is deceitfully above all things,and desparately wicked ,who can know it I try the reins,even to give every man according to his ways,and according to the fruit of his doings…… Luke 18:8                 I tell you that He will avenge  them speedily.Nevertheless when the Son of man cometh shall He find faith on the earth?                                                     A Valley of Tears The time is upon you now.weep for what once was.Trevail and wail for that which is coming…. Adorn yourselves in sack cloth and ashes for the day is upon you when you will need to HEAR MY VOICE…….The day is upon you when you will have to use DISCERNMENT……. Where are the Prophets?Do you run and hide because disaster is upon you…. Where are My prophets of old that speak of these things…… Have  the wolves shut your mouths??????? Where are those that speak prosperity,peace and escapism??? Have they too run into hiding……For they know their guile……… I will strike terror upon this land,upon this people,for the transgression of sin now lies in the vomit of the dogs and like adog ,it always return……. Proclaim once again a Clarion Call to the people to arise and make ready for that which is coming and will soon enter your gates,your cities,your boundaries…… Oh weep and wail for the time has come!!!!!!!!and no man escapes the judgement of God………. Pslms 84:6          Who passing through the valley of Baca makes it a well,the rain also filleth the pools.(Note)The valley of Baca is the valley of weeping ,Reference also Psalm 23 Interpretation of this word ……. The first word speaks about truth, for those that want to know,God creates in all those who believe in Him,and are anchored in His foundation firmly  the truth ,He created a new heart,to worship Him in Spirit and in Truth,but their are those who refuse truth and are not looking for truth,ie.sound doctrine,studying to showing thyself approved(2Tim:2:15) Are we also doing a self examination of our faith…(2Cor 13;5) It also speaks about the heart……These are things that the Lord wants us to go back and vist and make sure without a doubt.no more maybe’s,no more ,I think I’m ok,other wise be sure your sin will find you out….(Num32:23) The Lord spoke very firmly about this word,,,,,He is very concerned about all souls and what is to take place………His heart is for all souls to know Him and not perish……… The valley of tears,weeping really needs no explanation……We are entering that time now of things changing,shifting and of the warnings becoming the reality now….. Remember ,that even though we will go through many things,valley of tears,there will be blessings  and protections for God’s people throughout what takes place……. WE MUSTIN THIS HOUR NOW>>>IT IS CRUCIAL………
In His ServiceBette Stevens

Bette Stevens

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