America On Fire—September 25,2017

September 25th,2017
Sitting at my desk doing some research and  I suddenly from out of nowhere here the words,”Burn Baby Burn,”     silence and then again”,Burn Baby Burn ”
I was then in an open vision and I saw fire everywhere,it was literally everywhere,Every place was burning,and the smoke made you cough and it literally took my breathaway…….and then I saw  something hit the ground,and its a holucost,its a holocost,It was a type of hydrogen bomb,america was being destroyed ,and in one hour ,she lookedno more like she once was.I knew what had happened,A Hydrogen Holocost and it didn’t even take very long to happen….along with other fires already going on…… I sat there a little while and couldn’t speak,the tears came to my eyes and I laid my head down right there,and said,My God ,My God,O My God…..WHy?????Why Lord???????and it was the Lord’s voice that said,Don’t you know????? and I said Yes I guess I do….Its just taking a little time for me to take it all in…….The Lord said,research and look…and I was looking at some of Steve Quayle’s posts,(I am not always on there alot) but anyway, I was looking and then I saw it,the title read”America is going to be destroyed by fire….”Few will escape it and it will engulf Americaand it will come unexpectedly…..”and it was by Dave Wilkerson…… The Holy Spirit was all over me and in that moment I knew,I just knew,America does not have much more time…….before this judgement comes……I knew it was going to be huge………I asked the Lord ,will it be coming now,pretty soon ,and right away I heard ,Wait,it will come and it is in the works…….He said;You know ,the stench of America’s as well as other nations is sin and people think   Iwill hold back and tolerate this…….but no longer…..The intensity of sin has brought the intensity of much judgement……There was a little more ,but at this point I am not able to release just yet,,,nor my own thoughts on this,,,,I am drained just sitting here,and knowing America’s fate is very close at had……. God bless you and God grant us the wisdom to make sure that our foundation in Him is really solid and that we are ready everyday……… In His ServiceBette Stevens

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