The Transfiguration/Transformation of the Coming Church/A Word about House Churches

                                                   A Word About The House Churches                                              The Transfiguration (Transforming)of the Coming Church                                               and the Bride                                                Given September 23,2017
The Word of the Spirit of the Lord came and said;Here is how my church shall be……A glorious church.In these churches “Iron Sharpens Iron”and they will move in accordance to My wordin Godly order….Likewise many will come for refreshing,refining,truth,putting aside difference,controveries,and all idols ,that would lead you away from Me….**************ONE church,,,ONE church,ONE Spirit.not many churches,not many agenda,notmany denominations,but as ONE..ALL in UNITY and in ONE accord…To please ,serve and make Me first……You will come together and I will show up and provide ways and means to feed the hungry,provide clothing and medical and all needs will be met..You will break bread and commune with Me and I with you.I will send those to you that are seeking truth,not looking just for a manmade church,these people will know that they are in the right place………These people will be taught,discipled,and disciplined  in mind,will and spirit.I am and will raise up Godly men and women in leadership for just this time….My truth will come too many households,as peope begin to come out of organized religion and mindsets…….My house will be a house of holiness,prayer and repentance…..A godly sorrow…..of people of like kind faith,seeking the truth.always…..Those that are not flectuating back and forth in manmade churches,but know they are beingsent for such a time as this,,,,,,,to gather those that remain……A place of separation,those hidden,a preparation period that has taken place.A people that will no excuse for not assembling together in my presence.I am weeding out/separating those who are not serious in pursing Me.I am looking for those that will volunteer in these houses of mine with prayer,help,financially and will use all I have given to usher in the harvest…….Those that will say “SEND ME LORD,SEND ME………I will begin this  process by sending those out who are ready and have been called and inturn will others come…..The fire inside will burn ouany chaff…..The Holy Spirit will fall with great tongues of fire and by this you will know it is of Me.As judgements fall,many hundreds will come to your doors…I will send them and I willbe given all glory and praise for tis,,,,,I will raise up people with a hunger,a boldness, a compassion to seek,to travel and to beginthese preparations……Do not say I cannot go,or it is to hard,for nothing is too dificult for Me…..For if you do that,I will by pass you and move others that are ready to forge ahead……. Time is short——–Laborers few——–And still fewer are pursuing truth!!!!!!!!! End Of Word………Silence for Awhile ——-Scripture References ::::::::KJVIsaiah 43:18-20   Remember ye not the former things,neither consider the things of old….Behold I will do a new thing..,now it shall spring forth…,shall ye not know it??I will even  make a way in the wilderness,and rivers in the desert.The beast in the field shall honor Me,the dragons and the owls,because I give water in thewilderness,and rivers in the desert,to give drink to my people,my chosen….Side note:::You may want to read all of Isaiah :43Matthew 10:36-39    And a man’s foes shall be they of his own household.He that loveth father,or mother,more than Me,is not worthy of Me,and he that loveth son or daughtermore than Me is not worthy of Me.And he that not,his cross,and followeth after Me,is not worthy of Me.He that findeth his life,shall lose it,and he that loseth his life for my sake shall find it.Reference also:(as in counting the cost)   Luke 14:26-28These ar those who are pursuing Him (Jesus) in holiness,taking all things to the Holy Spiritand submitting themselves before the Lord…Luke 9:57-62   And it came topass,that,as they went  in the way,a certain man said unto him,Lord,I will follow thee whithersoever thou goest thou goest….And Jesus said unto him,Foxes have holes,and birds of the air have nests,but the Son of manhath not where to lay his head.And he said unto another ,Follow Me,But he said,Lord,suffer me first to go and bury my father.Jesus said unto him,let the dead bury their dead:but go thou and preach the Kingdom of God.And another also said,Lord,I will follow thee,but let me first go bid them farewell,which are at home at my house.And Jesus said unto him,No man having put his hand to the plough and looking back,is fit for the Kingdom of God.  Cross reference Matthew 8:18-22 and 1 Kings 19;20 Then after a long silence——-this word contnued———-MY church will walking in holiness,these that are called by my name……This church will reach the four corners of the earth to proclaim MY name.A call to prayer,and a clarion call to repentance…..and Godly sorrow……To encourage,edify,exhort one another and to magnify,up lift and resoundMY name,the King is Coming,the King is Coming,,open wide ye gates,saints…..I am now and will be doing a continuous purging,for does not judgement first come to the house of God??????I will purge the church of its perverted and contaminated filth,lying and greed,witchcraft,filthy lucre and all sexual immorality….MY church will fill all the requirements in the Book of Acts..My one foundation is truth,established on the Rock,,,,My justice will prevailand the gate of hell wll not prevail….. Soon,you will see MY true church ,it is happening right now,and there are thosethat are being readied for this time….In some of these places the Acts church is already happening ,but many are blind sided because religous church tradition has been the norm for years…….and that is the KEY…..I AM is working behind the  scenes…….Much is being accompolished in these home gatherings ,meetings ……..Soon they will rise to the surface for all too see……..My hand and plan will be upon it all……But yes,there are still many who do not understand Kingdom principles,and evenspiritual ones,but to those that do,will wave aside all the doctrines of man,yes of man who is responsible for much of the perverted garage that comes across the pulpits…….PREPARE–PREPARE–PREPARE    I say,for ALL I have told you this day will surely come to pass..PREPARE FOR BEHOLD THE BRIDEGROOM COMETH!!!!!!!!!!Isaiah     46:9-10      Remember the former things of old,for I am God,and there is none else;I am God,and there is none like Me…Declaring the end frm the begining,and from ancient times,the things that are not yet done,saying,My counsel shall stand,and I will do all My pleasure.                                                             Vision In a quick moment,I saw in  a  vision a huge like domain,WITHOUT WALLS,just beautiful,butin a plain sort of way,and I saw people coming,soooo many being drawn,to what was going oninside,everyone was happy ,there was prayer,even dancing and singing,,…People had a  peace abut them…….I saw someone was getting a huge tray,with what I recognized as the communion,I was drawn to  the feeling of peace,and being safe……I wanted to stay thereand be apart of this.I finally realized that it was the way everyone treated each other……genuine ,full of love and compassion……and what held them was the love bond of J esus Christ and  the  love between each other..and I noticed everything was in Godly order THere was the hand of God wooing them in,,,,the most important thing I felt was the HolySpirit falling and in an instant I was up in the air…..I was in the clouds,and oh my goodness,I felt like I was on fire,I seemed to be suspended there,and a voice suddenly said ,look down,and I looked down and the place I had been in only moments before looked like it was on fire,and I said,oh my gosh,the place is on fire,and then the voice said,look again,and when I didi had to really look hard ,and I saw  the fire was  above people’s head and people werte speaking ,but I was not lose enough to know what was being said………and then I was back on the ground and everything was like it was before I had this vision. and then in quickly again I saw brilliance of lights,colors, that I could almost not stand,flashing,it with such vividness,for only a few seconds and out of it came Jesus inall splendor and glory,,,,,,the sheen of his robe caught my eye and for just a second Hecaught my eye,but I could  not stand the brilliance of light surrounding HIm,or the auroa of freedom,love and purity radiating from Him…..But it was a sigoht to behold.I saw thisonly in the Spirit and a voice cried out saying:This is my beloved Son,Hear Him,for He has carried all sin as far as the East is from the West…….My church will arise and be transformed,for they are the church and  they will have glorifiedbodies,they will do many wonders throughout the earth…….in all splendor and majesty,,,,,,for BEHOLD THE BRIDE SAYS COME…AND I ,THE BRIDEGROOM SAYS I COME!!!!!!!!!That is the end…….God bless you and watch,pray and be ready……everyday………Revelation 19:9     And he saeth unto me:Write,blessed are they which are called unto the marriage supper of the Lamb.And he saith unto me.These are the true sayings of God………Revelation 19:11-12 And I saw heaven opened.and behold a white horse,and he that sat uponhim,was called faithful and true and in rightteouness,he doth judge and make war.His eyes were as a flame of fire,and on his head were manycrowns,and he had a name written,that no man knew but himself…Please for your own the full scriptures in chapter 19……open your bible and be encouraged……..Philippeans 3:21   Who will transform our lowly body to be like his glorious body,by the power that enables him,even to subject all things to himself.Matthew 22:30  For in the ressurection,they neither marry or given in marriage,but are like angels are in heaven……..In His ServiceBette Stevens

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  1. Awesome!! What an amazing time this will be! I pray I am account worthy to be apart of his glorious kingdom! May JESUS bless you!

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