Fw: Corrected Transcription Dire, Danger For America

.              “Dire, Danger For America”     Message, Prophecy Encouragements by Bette StevensSept.18, 2017 on Youtube.https://youtu.be/U8ZvfEb3Yjs Transcription:Massive Intercession Is Needed. I want to share a few words I received from the Lord over the past few days. Three (D’s)Dire, Danger, Destruction. The Lord was looking for national repentance in the church. Then it would come from the president on down. The church is the backbone. People are looking at the church as weak, a big joke, no power.. We speak big and we’re on the internet like Fast Food. We are a Fast Food nation. Whatever our flesh cries out for we have to appease it. The American church is very weak. No substance, no backbone, not even credibility or accountability towards each other. No coming together, no unity. We don’t realize importance. People, even from other countries are looking at us. We have a lot to do in the kingdom of God that still has to be done. We have become internet crazy. We get all of our info. from internet which is not a bad thing. We don’t limit our time. The internet has become our God, idolatry.We feed our minds and bodies on internet first and the Bible gets put back.We are subjected to be easily influenced by everything we take in on social media. The powers that be are laughing behind our backs considering us to be weak, easy prey. Satan is conniving and deceptive. How America has become worse than Sodom and Gomorrah. The key culprit is everything has been drenched in fear. God loves us. He sees and is not pleased but he continues to call out. Now we are going to see some things. Go to the Holy Spirit yourself. Seek God directly. We are in subjection to God but also Godly leaders. That is biblical but we’ve gotten ourselves tamed in the church to regard the pastor as the only human being that knows everything. And, we don’t have to do anything. So we go out the doors, and take in only what is said to us, and treat it like it’s God’s word, nothing more, nothing less. And, if you don’t agree with it you’re an outcast. But if you confront these same people about why not read the word together, get the understanding from the Spirit, why not submit yourselves, why not repent etc. They would not do it. Not all are like that. But the majority of churches, God is going to spit out of his mouth because He is very displeased and disgusted with what is going on in the churches today. We need to understand there is a holy God. Holiness is a very big key. We will stand… from the leaders on down, before God of Justice, and purity. Be fearful of Him and of His judgment, His reverence, His power.  We’ve lost fear and reverence which is why we the church are in the poor State we are in today. Accountability is coming.                        ======= The word that I heard in my spirit: Judgments will increase because sin has increased. The duration of sin has far exceeded my patience. I will not remind you of what you once were. You know all that. But rather what you have become. You have become much more than Sodom and Gomorrah. If you could see what I see and hear what I hear, you would know without a shadow of a doubt why judgment must come. Oh you don’t see it. You don’t see the sickness and the filth of sin. It is much more than shocking. It is an abomination. Where are those that would Proclaim my name, my fame, my truth, not their truth?My end time plan?                        ======= I hope everyone is coming together in repentance and seeking God. The time is over. This is a different segment now. Judgments are going to roll more so now, very soon. Rock and roll time. Accountability is coming. “Where are the prophets and the prophetess’? I speak to them first”The Lord speaks to the prophets and prophetess’ first. We know this from Amos This is not a lollipop message where you can suck on it until the flavor runs out and then throw it away. No, this is a message of stern warning, of strategic warfare. He is calling all of us to repentance. That message to me was a message packed with a wallop. His voice was very stern. That is not just a correction, not just a spanking. God is letting us know that the judgments are here now. And they are not going to stop. He is not going to relent on his judgment. But, as long as sin keeps increasing and attesting, whatever it may be, however intense it gets, so will the judgments. This is a time of testing for the Christians. This is a time that God is looking to see what Christians are going to do. What’s the church going to do? What are you going to say to people? Are you doing Ministry? Are you doing what God is telling you, proclaiming the gospel? Whatever it is, whatever God is telling you to do. Are you coming together? Are you coming together!? There is more that is coming. I’m sitting on it awhile. He spoke to me about the Gentiles coming in and then he is going to go over to the Jews. I’m going to get more clarity. Are you times of Praise? Times of worship? This is not a Lone Ranger mentality. We are getting ready to head into very, very, very danger zone. Where it is going to take all of the body of Christ, all those who have a calling that really know where we are in this time. That are ready to proclaim at the risk of their own lives, the gospel.  Also telling people what happens, what is the cost for rebelling against God. Speaking out in teaching and talking about hell. That is something that the Lord spoke to me and my spirit. Pastors are not speaking and talking about hell. They’re not letting people know what the consequences of sin are. They want to beautify and they want to soften basically, the message. The Lord reminded me that in Revelation 22 that there is a consequence for leaving things out of the Bible or adding to. In this case it is leaving out hell. Churches don’t want anyone coming in and telling him about the reality of Hell. Prepare the people so that they can make right Godly choices. Because of you not doing this, there is still time for repentance, but because of you not doing this there is a consequence and the Lord said he is going to deal with leaders and deal with people that don’t believe in Hell. Hell is a literal place of fire, Brimstone and everything else. I have spoken about it but God is going to deal with you leaders whoever you may be, if you do not repent and bring this subject to light. This is part of the Bible. This is part of our teaching and are preaching. Hell is just as real as Heaven. Satan is just as real as God. He may have limited power but he is still a force that we have to battle with everyday and our flesh because we’re not there yet. This is why right now… the time of testing and refining and purifying and cleansing. Right now, at the time that the Lord mentioned to me that we are to be fasting. What we can even if it’s in moderation. You don’t have to do what somebody else is doing. You do what the Lord says you can do, or what he knows.He never puts more on us than we can bear. You repent and you examine yourself daily. So, this is where we are as He is watching the things going on. So far we have not repented. I’m sure that as individuals, in our own times at home and in our individual groups, have repented. But He’s not seeing what He wanted to see. I’m just being honest because I know what the Lord has spoke to me. I understand… because we’re always on the Internet, or were running to hear the voices of people, and we act like they’re God. Whatever they say, Oh they’re wonderful. God is going to do something in that area. I think we just need to pray. We need to get our time with the Lord. I think it’s wonderful that there’s platforms and videos out there. I make them too but I don’t listen to a lot of videos. Even when they’re sent to me. I have to look, I look at things. You’ve got to be careful because there’s things on there that look nice and sound spiritual but they’re not of God. I think it’s wonderful but we have too much gotten into that.  We treat people like they’re God. Whatever they say, that’s it. That’s where we get our message instead of going to the word or instead of going to the Lord. Be very, very careful because we are all, even us, will have our time of judgment. You know there’s a lot of division right now. On another note…I say this all in love. I want to see people— I’m not excited or happy for judgments come. I would love for us to go right now to our Heavenly home and that would be it, but know that’s not going to happen. The Lord has spoken to me that we have a lot of work to do yet before he comes. He is getting His people that are hidden, that maybe they’re on the internet, but not all the time, they’re being readied. Maybe they have a Ministry, maybe they don’t, whatever they’re calling is, they’re not well known. God is going to get them ready to speak! Hallelujah! He is going to move to the side, a lot of the other people that have already made a name for themselves and they’re already speaking. But He’s taking them like a god. He says, “I am a jealous God, I’ll have no other gods before me.” So, we need to pray and get our priorities straight. There is a Remnant that’s going to rise soon and be put out there to speak the word of God. They are in preparation for that. A while back I was given a beautiful, beautiful vision and words from the Lord about the house churches that are coming. The Lord has given me. We’re redoing the House Church scene that we’re in right now. We are doing that up.We are listening to the Lord because we are pretty much going to change things as the Lord leads us. We have a beautiful picture of what the Lord is going to do within our house church now. He’s going to redo it now and the way it should be run more. Some different things are going on because with any church you need boundaries. God is bringing us back to that time. It’s going to be beautiful. It’s not going to run the way we see church today run. It’s just not. Because it was never God’s intention that it be run this way. A lot of this is man-made. Decisions made by man. If you look through church history that’s where you’ll find man was always in it. Catholic Church was always in it. We have just ran with all of it, believed it all and we’ve done nothing so far to change that. God’s word is true and He is going to have the final say so, in all of this. God’s truth will ring true. His word will be final. I just encourage you to go deeper with the Lord. There is a lot of things in the scriptures that people are missing. There’s so much there. I encourage you on your own, to go out yourself and get deeper with the Lord. He is revealing some things that are astronomical that even I have not heard from people. The reason He has told me is because people are not digging. They’re not seeking. They’re not going deep enough. He said, ” Those that are close to my heart, I will reveal secrets and the mysteries.” Whoo! Hallelujah! Anyway, what I saw, with the words, how house churches are going to be very big challenge to the apostate Church in the days ahead. A very very big challenge because of what they stand for.  That’s all I have. God bless all of you. I hope you all have a beautiful week, a safe week. Be praying that our children be blessed. Pray for their safety as they go back and forth to school.  The things that are coming, keep your eyes on Jesus. Don’t get too caught up in all the hubbub and speculation and stuff on the internet. God is looking for you. He wants a relationship with you. He doesn’t want a relationship with you, Him in the internet. God bless you until the next time. May His peace be in your heart and the joy of the Spirit of God be with you, Amen vvmint.org Matt 16:3, Luke 12:56, I Pet 4:7, Acts 3:19,20,21, 2 Cor 7:9, Rev 2:5Rom 2:5, these are just a few.

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