Bringing Back This Word from 2015——COMING TO PASS NOW

  SPEAK PROPHETS SPEAK October 09,2015 Speak prophetess,hold not thy tongue……Speak of the foolishness of men,speak as my ambassador to warn the unruly ,speak to my people and warn them as well……… speak of the idolatry over the land…… speak of the lawlessness over the land….. speak of the pride and arrogance over the land speak of the abominations over the land… speak of the judgments over the land….. speak of hell’s fire that is over many of the people of this land…….. speak of the churches .of those that wave their hands and speak swelling words ,that say ,”I am your brother or I am your sister,yet the irony of their idol words will be used against them…..for I know them not….. speak of the consolation and desolation over this land…….. speak of the pervading darkness that has spread over this land…… SPEAK THESE WORDS OVER ALL and those that will have ears to hear ,will hear and those that have eyes to see,will see.for you MUST hear what the HOLY SPIRIT is saying in this crucial hour………. Look Prophetess,see .look and listen:::::::::look at the nations,look at their hidden agendas,look at their eyes ,for they are the window to their souls…… They race against time to try and eradicate me,by what you call chem trails,thinking that they can get rid of me in the heavenlies,oh how they devise their schemes,and all for what??????So they can become God like Me…….I tell you now that there is NO one like Me and will never be…….Your faith will either lead you through these things coming or not……The choice is up to you….. Have you seen enough,Have you heard enough,have you considered all these things…. Now you see BARREN land,desolate land,fire upon every nation.not one stone left untouched……Fire in the form of lightening bolts and thunder ,in the form of wars EMP attacks,both civil and spiritual will battle,Never again will any nation be great that tries to tempt Me,for I cannot be tempted.. Tell the people,GREAT GREAT GREAT devastation are here and will be released… A time of great persecution is here and yes it WILL happen in your land as it has always happened…… I did not pray that you would escape these things,but rather i would take you through them….Be of good cheer for I have overcome the world(all obstacles) This is your time to prepare,and not very long at that,Redeem theat time wisely…… INTERPRETATION For the Prophets,watchmen ,messengers of God speak ,Speak Son of Man,Speak Women of God,Speak Prophets,for the time is now here……. We are to speak of the things coming,though things may not all come right as soon as it is uttered,spoken from the Lord,will reap much benefit,although we may not see it just yet,This is not the time to remain silent for to do so will bring forth God’s judgements….Note)I am not speaking of correction here, I am speaking,it will bring forth a judgment or consequence upon the person that knew and were prompted to speak and did not.Toc hold your tongues in these instances are as rebellion to God and you are sending a message of complacency and agreement even to sin…….For the sake of your soul,please don’t do that…….. As the progression of things unfold,there will be much persecution and suffering,we are not too necessarily not go through these things,but we will be here to see some of these things……. As judgements are spewed out ,there will be a major judgment on america soil,more so than other nations,however that will not negate the fact that what I saw in the earth was complete and total decay,blackness ,chaos,I also saw some of the remaking of mankind,which if God would not have intervened ,then all mankind would be gone,which I am not going to get into right now……. I hope that everyone that reads this ,takes it to heart,prays about it,puts their house in order and does Redeem the time while they have it……Because these things getting ready to be spewed out ,all I can say is life as we know it, is never going to be the same……. There is judgment upon people right now because they have not repented, they dont exam themselves and they have infiltrated the churches and true believers are falling for this,,,,,,,This is one of many spiritual attacks upon the church and there is going to be much much more…….. The intensity of the judgments was very heavy,something hard to describe………. Please once again,continue to pray,our only hope is in Jesus Christ.Do what you need to do to be sure your house is in order .and your lamps be full……God have mercy on us……… In His service Bette Stevens

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  1. May our God the Almighty give you strength and bless you as you do his work everyday. I am so happy I have found you.
    Thank you for being a soul for Jesus Christ.

  2. May our God the Almighty give you strength and bless you as you do his work everyday. I am so happy I have found you.
    Thank you for being a soul for Jesus Christ.

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  4. He called me to ministry in Dec. of 2016. It’s like a mantle came on me with boldness, purpose, and power. I have been getting words for several years and am pressing in on finding a way to share more and more. I concur. He is knitting the body in unity in order for a bride that he can call beloved.

  5. Hi Mike
    I am so glad to hear about your calling into ministry……In God’s timing all things come together for those who are in Christ Jesus…..

    Halleluiahand yes unity must come if we are to walk in the ways of the Lord,,,,,,One body with different gifts……

    Blessings to you

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