Come on Leaders.Now is not the time to play with the anointing or church

The war on souls has already began and has already been warring for a long time……… We have given in to tolerance for intolerance…. We have given in to evil instead of good We have given in to complacency/comfort instead of uncomfortability We have given in to silence of fear instead of holy boldness against sin. Some have even traded in their souls for doctrines of demons instead of ambassadors for Christ…… Is it any wonder that Christianity is likened to the world?????? What kind of message is being sent????Just like in Noah’s days??????? The battle is already revving up and many are not able to handle what is coming and the truth be told………. We have lost somewhat ,that which God has established…….Which is the unity,and fear of the Lord,for once and all there are certain people that have crept in with false and damnable heresies,abominations before a Holy God….. As the Lord was showing me this,I pray for many to move in the God given gifts that are free and to move freely in the Spirit……. One other note………..There are some apostles,prophets(tess) watchmen …..God is going to remove and put aside if they do not begin to operate the way God wants them to operate and not in the ways of self…(flesh)Crucify that flesh or expect God to come in and remove you out of your arena…… have gotten a big head and there is no humblesness…..and your false sense of humility is a foul stench in the Father;s nostrils…….God is also going to remove the anointing as it has not been used rightly……..Be aware that God can give and take away……We do NOT have time for pompous people with titles that have primed theirselves up with their selves…meaning,you may think you are so wonderful and got all together ,but it is beginning to show outwardly and it is not of God…….Rein it in before God has to do it for you……..I guarantee you it won’t be pleasant…….. I have seen this happen where God removed the anointing because the person got puffed up in pride……The results can be very damaging,it can result in health issues and many other things brought on by a proud and a haughty spirit…….(WAKE UP CALL )SELF EXAMINATION BEFORE YOU GO OUT IN MINISTRY

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