Bette Stevens
June 17,2017 This is not a time to argue amongst yourselves.There is great battles going on in the heavenlies……There is also great anticipation for the coming of the bride,alas there is also those being made ready for war….The bride’s table is all set….It is adorned,,,It awaits its bride,like a wooing bridegroom,He comes.He places the ring on your finger and says,Now you are betrothed to Me and no one else..While others are ready themselves for a fierce battle as they put on their war gear,(Ephesians 6:11-20) I saw myself dressed for battle,having on all the attire,I stood ready…….A man came up to Me,fierce,but all so loving and I knew Him to be Jesus and He said,Are you truly ready?????You must be prepared for anything in battle…..and He moved on……… and I remembered Him saying a long time ago,Count the cost and then make your call sure…. And I knew that long ago ,I knew the cost,and I remember Him telling me,It will cost you something,everything ,tell the people ,that if they choose to follow Me it will cost them …..and I remember asking Him about this once again and He said,it could cost you,your family,your friends,your job,your finances,your comfort and even your life,Are you ready to follow Me and not turn back……???????? Are you ready to make that commitment?????Think long and hard about this,,,,,,Don’t go into denial because it applies to ALL those that say I am a christian,I am the bride…..and you will have to choose this day, Many are called,but few are chosen,because it makes us accountable,and many will refuse and be in rebellion….I remember that time when He asked me,just like He is asking again,and I had doubts,but yes,I chose to follow Him,it has not been easy and there were times I wanted to go back to the way it was ,but I knew I couldn’t,and yes I had to go through some of the afor mentioned things in letting go, it has been a roller coaster ride.but worth it….It will not be easy,and change never is,and we can’t look back or we are not fit for the Kingdom… we move forward,one step at a time,one day at a time and if we fall,we get right back up and keep moving…..God is calling,will you answer??? If so ,fasten your seat belts,because ,you are going to be in for the ride of your life…..Shalom!!!!

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