The Vision— Part I

                                      The Walk of A Lowly Man                                       Vision Given to me several days ago (Part I) In my spirit came these words: The bridegroom saith come and again,He saith come..Let ALL those who hear,COME.And at that moment,as I heard the word COME, and then a sound ,and I turned quickly, I saw a man walking alone…….He was clothed in a long brown robe,with a braided belt ,he had short brown hair,a short beard and flat brown sandals on his feet,,,He was dark complexed and looking at hishands,they were calloused,worn hands that had worked much….(Possibly a carpenter) Piercing eyes that asked questions…..though he did not speak……I approached this man and said:   Sir,are  you alright?????There was not a reply,but a little later in a gentle voice filled with compassion,he said,I am weary,I have walked a long way…….I asked him if he had some family or some friends nearby?????He replied:Those that do the will of my Father are my family and friends…..He went on:I would like a drink of water…….I replied: You must be parched,here is some water…drink up…….He replied:Thank you,but the water I speak of will never run dry or be quenched……..I replied:Oh,I didn’t really know what else to say at that moment….He was very quiet for a moment and then he smiled as he walked away,but he stoppedsudenly and he turned back and looking directly at me and said,I WILL BE BACK SHORTLY……… He then continued on,and out of the corner of my eye I turned around and saw another man,I said,,,,Good Sir,can you tell me the name of that gentleman walking away?????He said:Of course ,it is Jesus,your Messiah….I replied:Jesus,you mean ,the Saviour,Jesus that died and rose again???He replied:  Yes I replied: Why did I not recognize him????(Note: I was shown why others will not recognize him)He said:   Jesus came the first time with no place to lay his head,and no room forhim,even as he grew ,he walked this earth,not to gain popularity,not to esteem himself,not to be recognized for all his riches and glory,but to do the will of his Father,that through him,all mankind,might be saved,but yet ,even today,manydo not recognize him,their hearts are not right,nor their motives and yet they callHim Lord……..So,see , be not  deceived,for it is written,that many will come in this hour as the Christ.,but BEWARE,the true Son of God,.laid no fame to titles,vanity or glory……but rather came,as a lowly man who offered to all the free gift of salvation……He then said: The Lord ,Jesus,gives you a charge to warn the churchand some others,,,and he willspeak to you about this………He was gone………Please stay tuned for Part 2…..Scriptures References:::::Isaiah 53:2,3,4Zech 9:9Psalm 22:6Matt 21:1-11H Bette Stevens

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