Deep Revelation—–Proclamation——-July 4,2023

Hello everyone and welcome,both old and new registers……and more
I want to give you a word,not a vision,but a Rhema word revealed to me by the Lord.
We know that bibles will be burned and or confiscated ,even christian books at some point.
But there is a very serious plan being put in place.
There will be something put on bibles,christian books etc that will cause people to become VIOLENTLY SICK>>>>….It could be part of the vaccine plan,it could be something else,I was not given any other information about the plan or its stages……
However what was shared with me is the remedy or antidote:Take HOLY COMMUNION with a CLEAN TEMPLE…Must be done before every time of taking Communion……
Holy Communion is also a preventative measure in having to do with sickness,,,,and it will boost your immune system andi it can regenerate your cells,,,,,
Holy Communion cleanses the body when used with prayer and repentance and a clean heart…..
Respectfully and blessing each one of you
Prophetess Bette Stevens

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