This prophecy word is titled …….. FIRE AND ICE
The Scriptures that go with this are::::: Deut 4:24
Heb 12:29
Psa 104:4
Luke 12:49
Jer 20:8:9
Cor 3:13
Luke 12:49
Psa 69:9
1 Pet 1:7
Isa 485:10
Pro 17:3
—————————————————————————————————————————- ICE
Job 38:29
Psa 147:17
Job 37:10
2Sam 22:13
Isa 28:17
The Lord is saying,see in my Scriptures,my Holy Word…….See,See,Do you really read my word,put it in your heart,so many of you CHOKe off the word of God,that which I have given you……….Those on fire in their relationship with Me have passion,zeal and are not offended or afraid to speak out……with that will always come persecution,false accusations and slander…….but nevertheless,they speak,they stand firm,they move forward and the fire ignites them wherever they go……..They are a heavy opponent against satans Kingdom and will fight to the death.for they love not their lives until the death….They go to battle to bring souls into the Kingdom,they do not compromise,but have love to see My will done.
Those are My chosen,hidden ones that know they are safe with Me…….The battle for souls is raging….Are you ready to ignite the fire?????
The Lord is saying,look at the ICE,what do you see?? or what do you associate ICE with??? I see hearts choked off by hopelessness,I see hearts choked of by fear ,doubt and unbelief.I see many hearts have waxed cold,(ICE) to the only One that can save them. Stony hearts,hearts full of anger,unforgiveness and on and on it goes.Hearts full of the world,spending more time in the things of the world than with putting forth the effort to know Me,to have intimacy with Me…..The hour is running late..Soon,my mercy will close out,soon I will not hear prayers,especially that are insincere…..Yes,warnings have went out for a long time,but even warnings and reminders are going to grow silent…..
The end is almost here,things have been expediting and moving quicker,the hour glass is almost empty.look for me while you can,,work while it is still daylight.My eyes sweep too and fro over the earth.My books of your lives here on earth are adjusted all the time…..
Serious days ahead!!!!!!!!! Dangerous things coming……….WHO CAN STAND????????
In His Service Prophetess Bette Stevens

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