Hello Everyone to and welcome to this Website……and welcome to any new people comng on or stopping by,checking back to see what else is up here.
We welcome your prayer requests,your comments and hopefully this website will be a help to you…. Again,everything on this website is FREE,DOWNLOADABLE AND CAN BE SHARED!!
Please take time to browse and look around and check back,you will also be given the opportunity to register and this will notify you on anything new on this site,ie,postings warnings,teachings etc…..Everything is by the HOLY SPIRIT.
All contact information is available on this website as well and we are available to talk with you by skype,phone and or email…..We will also be avaialbe somewhat for speaking engagements. or if you would like to visit ,please write me on that..
Please Note::::::I have been asked the question in regard to whether we will be back doing videos,are we on any platforms etc??????In answer No we are not on any other platforms,and we will not be doing anymore videos as the Lord confirmed to both myself and my husband and a couple other people or so,that our time on the internet over the years are over… We will now be going face to face soon,traveling……..There are some other reasons as well ,but that is the main on……..
I hope to hear from many of you as time is getting short…….Thank you for reading and may God richly bless you in all you do
In His Service
Prophetess Bette Stevens Pastor John Stevens

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