VISION?WORD JUne 20,2023

Message Given:June 20,2023
I was very restless during the night.In the wee hours of the night the Lord came to me and showed me a blank screen…Keep in mind this is in the spirit…….
He showed me a very important message,Here is the message as the words appeared on the screen…
War on America Your land will drip with blood Your fields and properties will be desolate Your families will be taken hostage Your guns and knives will be rendered useless You think you can defeat us,but you have NO IDEA…. Note:the screen was playing so I could from Antartica) (This is diabolical spirits of the fallen world who are here and ready to take over.) Surrender to us now,so we can save you……(That is a lie)
The End
Final message from the Lord Messiah!!
This message is in conjunction to what is being done now………It is in anticipation of fallen angels and giants to break ground so to speak to get the people ready and comfortable with all that is going on.
The second this is going into play as satan does things so much at a time.the rest of the world will suffer as well.
The next plan is in action that will go along with this war,which is NOT a drill as I have said awhile back,that is a national pandemic of all pandemics.
Remeber ,I ,the Lord shall not leave you nor forsake you,those that are all in with Me, Be very serious in prayer time and your walk with me……..these things are now and will soon premeate your nation. MY GAVEL OF JUDGMENT HAS BEEN OPENED
The End

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