Discipline of a Believer

                                                                               Discipline of a Believer                                                                                 December 1,2018
What are some examples shown in the bible?? RELATIONSHIP WITH CHRIST1.Meditation2.Prayer3.Fasting4.Stewardship5.Healthy Lifestyle6.Journeling7.Fellowship Discipline by Bible standards means to learn self control,learning obedience and moral character.To instruct and train. 2Tim1:17Epe 6:4Prov 10:17Prov 22:6Rev 3:19Titus 1:8Heb 12:10-11 and 12:5-9Job 5:17-18Deut 8:5-6Psalm 94:12-14 God’s word-read   ( Tim:4:13)  Study  (2Tim 2:15)  meditate on _(Josh :1:8   Ps1:1-2)  memorize (Ps 119:11) An example of this is in Acts2:42 and it lists what they did and they were devoted to it in Acts 2:42-47and what did they devote themselves to :fellowship,prayer.worship ,service(meaning benevolence)Also 1Tim 4:13 Rom 12:10   fellowshipCol 4:2           prayerJn 4:23-24 and  Rom 12:1Service/Benevolence Titus 3:8 and 3:14Although the words spiritual discipline is not used in the bible it is well said that discipline is correction and it should motivate us to take our thoughts,body language and our times seriously.Discipline is apart of Discipleship and it will build much character and set an example for those coming to the  Lord.This concludes this lesson. Bette Stevens

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