What are some of the Holy and Sacred things of God???????
I am bringing this up today as the Lord has been speaking to me about things things….
We are very near many things happening soon in which there will be no more warnings,
but judgments falling ………….Is your life and relationship with God in order ?????
One of the first things that we are to keep is a Reverential FEAR OF THE LORD!!
A reverence for the Lord of who He is,and our Identity in Him..
Covenants ,ordained by God….. The Two Greatest God
The Feast Days of God
Worship and Praise
The crucufuction,Death ,burial and Ressurection of Jesus Christ
We find Scripture in Leviticus ;Chapters 21–24
What dos the word profane mean??????
A lack of respect for things held to be sacred…….
One of the most important things is the two greatest commandments
Please study out and know that God truly loves us,but we must be wise with the things of God…We must respect the things of God…. Respect our bodies which are His temples 1Cor 6:19-20 Rom12:8 and Rom 12:1-2
Then there are two Scriptures of many that sets us apart:
Deut.14:2 You have been set apart as holy to the Lord your God,and He has chosen you from all the nations of the earth to be His own special treasure.
Lev 11:44–45 You shall be Holy to Me,for I,the Lord am Holy and have separated you from the peoples,that you should be mine. ,a Holy nation,His own people
1 Pet 2:9 But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood,a Holy nation,gods special possession,that you may declarethe praises of Him who called you out of darkness into His wonderful light.
1Cor 6;19-20 1Cor 3:16-17
Rom 12;1-2
I hope you will study and seek out other Scriptures..The Lord is coming back soon……..
We are very close and we are running out of time………The most imprtant thing being
is our relationship with Jesus Christ.
Blessings to whomever reads and takes heed………These are very serious words in the hour in which we are living…….
Blessings Bette

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