The Day of the Lord—–Part 2

The Day of the Lord had come……For those that were of the Lord ,there was happiness and relief,for others their was no relief for what awaited them…
Summary It is true…….That day is coming quicker than we think………Have you kept yourself Holy ,have you even spoken about the gospel and what Jesus has done,the Lord has spoken that to me,that not many speak to anyone about the Lord and what He has done….
We will know for sure the reality of all things when we stand before a Holy God and hear Well done :Good and Faithful servant: or Depart from Me,you workers of lawlessness…….
Matt 7′:-21-23
As a side note: For those who have asked me about Antartica and if I have went again,yes I have ,at this time with what is going on and about to happen,I cannot per the Lord give out any information at this time.
I imploy you to Not be a hyprocrite as it says in Luke 12:56,about the times we are in….You should know……..
Also, I want to remind all of us,the biggest ongoing problem that Jesus warned about in Matt 24 and many other places in the bible is DECEPTION….That will be the biggest challege……for LACK OF DISCERNMENT
God bless all of you who read this……..take it to the Lord,take it to heart,things are about to rapidly begin this year……..

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