The Mighty Return of the Lord—–Get your affairs in Order

In the Early morning hours of August 13,2023, I heard this word: GET YOUR AFFAIRS IN ORDER ————————————————
Then the word came through fierce and strong: Look straight ahead,what do you see” I see Jesus Christ,the Messiah,on a white steed.the reins of pure gold,and the white robe with colors brightly woven in and hues of beautiful purples and bluesand on the side of His robes in big letters glittering in gold,:King of Kings and Lord of Lords…… and continuing to look up,the sky parted even more and I saw magnificent angels,legions og angels riding aside Him and it was a sight to behold……To see Him as magnificent King,Messiah,and the power of iall. And I knew right away that this was the coming of the day of the Lord that had been spoken for so many decades… I could sense myself going down,my hand went to my heart,my head bowed,my knees to the ground and I heard myself say,You alone are indeed the Messiah,the Risen Son of God and there is no one like you which has power,authority and will bring open rebuke and judgment upon the face of the earth,and as I said this thuinder roar,lightening cracked, clouds broke apart.mountains crack apart.all the earth trembled and below the people were dropping where ever they were crying out in fear,their hearts falling them.many could not believe what was happening,and because of fear ,they dropped dead……Many were shouting they were not reay for this day,hoping it would not come this soon. Crying.weeping.everything and everyone stood stilll at the approaching of the Lord. and you could hear the angels singing in the heavenlies,long,large swords at their sides….. The cloud of witnesssess came and so many that could not be counted,those that had went before and then I heard voices crying out .Fall on us because the day of the Lord has finally come and I hear a mighty roaring of rocks falling as the mountains broker apart…….
The great and terrible day of the Lord had finally arrived……
To Be Continued Bette Stevens

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