Encouragement -June 27,2017

  Use discernment,don’t always go along with what everyone else is saying or doing……We must know God and the Holy Spirit for ourselves……What is HE telling you to do or say or needs to be done…….It is easier to go along with the crowd,than it is to stand separate……God is calling us out of the world,to be salt and light to a world that heading into turbulent times …..God is not raising up a standard,He HAS already raised up a standard and the guidelines are in the Holy Written Word……Not everyone who says” Lord”,”Lord” will enter the Kingdom…..We are set “part”Armour up…Give your all to God….You either will stand for something or fall for anything and everything,but you can’t have it both ways….Choose,the path is very narrow and many will not find it because the flesh is calling and resisting,the cost to follow Jesus is high,but worth the price He paid for our sins…Don’t you know that hell is real and many will find it….We die once,and then the judgement……The door for safety is going to soon,what type of virgin are you?????Wise or Unwise???????I am sending out God’s invitation again ,and what is that:??????That none may perish and it won’t be ,because you didn’t know.Call on the name of the Lord,wherever you are,and accept His full price that He paid for you…… tell someone today,let others be a witness for what the Lord has done in your life……You will never regret this decision.For those who have slipped away from the Lord,there is yet some time ,come back to Him now and receive forgiveness and don’t wait….Time is slipping away and we need to know everyday and not take for granted our salvation……This is a serious time,and God is calling right now,wherever you are,whatever has happened in your life,God is callingGod is calling…….Won’t you answer His invitation…..It is open to all!!!!!!!!!!!Extend this invitation to everyone…..Time is running out.. Blessings Bette Stevens

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