sharing June 27,2017

Sharing the word given me by the Holy Spirit….This is NOT an endtime game,but rather it IS life happening NOW.Open Vision in the morning…I saw the sky open,and a beautiful staircase come down to the ground. I saw a LONG scroll roll out all the way down and across the staircase…..I stood looking and trying to read the writings that was on the scroll,but I could not…….The Scroll looked ancient  and there were some places where there was much writing and blank spots as well..Then I heard a booming voice with authority ask?What do you think it says?  I said I truly do not know…..I cannot make out the writing….Note) Later ,I was told that it was ancient hieroglyphic writings….The voice continued,these are RECORDS of everyone’s life from birth to the end of their time…There are many more scrolls(ancient tablets) with each person’s life ,finished or unfinished…….Nothing has been left undone….. The empty parts of the scroll with NO writings are of those who Repented and were forgiven and it was blotted out….Nothing has been left undone,,,,,,All one’s life is accounted for daily,be it good or bad…..The books (scrolls) are continually opened and checked,balanced and without error….  I test and I weigh souls daily……..I say to all of the people,serious serious times ahead.Revelation will be fulfilled by My hand and ALL prophesy will be fulfilled…….because the TESTIMONY OF JESUS IS THE SPIRIT OF PROPHECY………REV 19:10God bless you and please seriously take this to prayer……. It is urgent,in my spirit,in my,spirit t,it is time to determine to get right with God,…You may not have tomorrow,you may not even have today.God may decide to call your time……..ARE YOU RIGHT WITH HIM,  DO YOU KNOW HIM DOES HE KNOW YOU WILL THIS MESSAGE THAT GOD IS CONVEYING TO YOU,STIR U UP IN YOUR HEART ,AN URGENCY ,,,, A DO NOT WAIT….I HOPE SO God is calling for you,He isn’t condemming you,but rather wooing you,loving you ,oh so gently to come home…… Come on home,He is knocking for you to come home.

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