REPENT,O,AMERICA,REPENT                                              August 22,2017
Due to all the speculation concerning the Solar Eclipse event that took place on August 21,2017and many people have wondered why NOTHING HAPPENED!!!!!!!!!!(NOTE: I say this,because many expected something to take place during this time,also if anything should occur on or after this event ,it will be engineered)Now with that being said ,here is the vision::::: No, it was NOT a dream,it was very profound and the words given were very percise………I was sitting in a field,awaiting this great solar event with many others around looking and speculating of the same…..Everyone coming from far away ,looking very excited…..All looking towards the sky……People talking and laughing and I heard one person say,This will be the biggest event ever and ever will have………We’ve got to make the most of it now………..Someone else said this is soooo exciting…..I saw many people with cameras and I knew that the news was covering this event…..For some reason,I could not get excited,I smiled and made polite talk to some of the people around me ,but I just couldn’t get excited,in fact,I almost wished I wasn’t there……All of a sudden I could see the sky darken,the moon became red,a very bright red,everything looked altogether different.the sun was so black ,and the people were no longer laughing or excited,but acutually  running as fast as they could go……I saw myself running ,but I was by myself and it seemed I was very protected……As I looked u[ I saw the words in the sky very bright and it was REVELATION 6:12-17…….I could feel the breath of someone very near me,but could not see whom the person was…(I believe it was Jesus )because I felt myself being lifted up… felt like I was being carried,,,,its a little hard to explain….That was the end of the vision…… Shortly afte,r the Lord began to speak to Me …….. This is a warning to America,for NATIONAL REPENTANCE,and He said it 3 times………He said,I wonder if everyone will be looking up for Me to return like they have done withthis Solar Event?????????Will they be seeking me,in prayer,fasting and repentance as much as this taking place ,or arethe wordly pleasures,more important…….This does not mean that I have relented on judgments for MY WORD will be fulfilled,but My will be done and I will watch ,yes I will watch …………My final word on this::::ALL OR NOTHING……… Please take this to the Lord in prayer…..Scripture References Revelation 6:12-171Peter 4:17Acts 17:31Proverbs 6:16-19Psalms 121:72Samuel 22:3-4Psalm 32:7Jonah 1:6 Bette

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