> Beginning at 8pm Feb 13 and concluding at 4:45am Feb 14,2023 > > Hello everyone. I greet you in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, the Messiah.!! > > This is a recent vision I received and would like to share with as many as possible. It is very important to hear and understand the seriousness of what I am about to relay to you all. It is very deep, and at times, emotional as well. Share as the Lord leads, but this is a very HEAVY message. I advise discernment in whom you share this with because of the intensity this may not be for everyone and especially children. Please pray over this and let the Lord reveal more as He is not a God of fear, but of truth, and I must be obedient to truth. > > The title of this vision: “Persecution Comes at all Levels” > > Let us put on the full armor of God, Let our hearts and ears quiet as we hear the spoken word and even picture in our minds the words as the Lord has shown me. Let there be understanding where it is needed, and after reading this it will lead many with changed hearts and a real seriousness to seek the Lord. > > The vision began in China. I was dropped like a nut that falls from a tree into what I knew to be the very heart of China. I do not know what city or town I was in, but I was in a room with several Chinese looking people including some children and a baby. They were not dressed exactly as we dress today. Many of them were older, faces more drawn. I could tell they were frightened and anxious as they were looking at a door as if any minute someone might come bursting through the door. > > I could not see a lot of light because the windows were closed up tight. I was wondering what I was doing there when I heard a voice behind me saying “Listen and watch. You will need to bring all of what you see and hear and do back to the people.” In my mind I caught the word “DO” and I thought how this all seemed so unreal. > > One of the ladies saw me standing alone and said in a hushed whisper “Who are you and where did… a bible?” I thought to myself “A Bible?” Then I looked down and saw I was carrying a bible and nothing else. All the group came over and hugged me and told me not to be afraid as we were all one group and we would continue to meet when we could. She said that I was new and they must explain things to me. They were all Christians, prepared to die I might add, and being older some were ready to go home. Never once was there fear of man, no, but that they would have to stop meeting, learning, and reading the Bible. Anything that would take them away from God is what they feared, He was their WHOLE LIFE. They ate very little, but tried to sing or hum softly, pray, and ask questions. > > I thought how different in America. As everyone got quiet, I was thinking to myself how we didn’t have to fear all the time. We have food, all kinds of places to go, Bibles and so forth. Yet I felt something was missing. As I was looking around the room I saw piles of papers, full sheets, half sheets, wrinkled like they had been used over and over. Then one of the other ladies said “You’re from the United States aren’t you?” And I said “Yes, yes I am.” She said “Then you have come to teach us more, yes? > > At that very moment the door crashed open and many Chinese military in uniform with guns pointed came in. Speaking gruffly, and with NO emotion, one of them said “Get up. You are all under arrest.” We were all hand cuffed and the baby and children were taken elsewhere. We were put in a truck that was like a garbage truck. > > The officers were looking around quickly, as if in a hurry, and they saw the papers and immediately took them away, intending to burn them. One of them looked at me and said “You’re an outsider and do not belong here, but we will use you as an example.” > > ……………TO BE CONTINUED……………

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