Conclusion – Part 2
As a reminder and Disclaimer: This is very heavy reading. Be advised it is not for everyone including children. Use discernment when sharing.
Before I go any further I want to make it quite clear that I am not writing or sharing a fictional story. I was put in a deep sleep by the Lord to experience and know the persecution that is coming. I was in this vision and felt and saw everything I am about to share and it was very real to me.
If anyone has not read Part 1 I highly encourage you to do so. Also, I recommend that you meditate on the Scriptures given at the end of this message.
At the end of Part 1 I had been captured and their intention was to make an example of me as I was an outsider.
I am now looking down the barrel of a rifle. I knew it was a very sophisticated and high power rifle. I sensed that this rifle was some sort of high power alien technology. I believe this technology is what allowed these men to see us. There were others with me and we were all hauled off in a truck that was like a garbage truck. There was no lettering, just a big black truck that is used for garbage disposal.
There was no expression on the faces of these men. Their eyes were very black and seemed empty, like looking into a dark pit. We were not allowed to talk and if we did, even quietly, they would tape our mouths shut. It was understood they could do whatever they wanted to with us. Most of those around me were crying softly or moaning which only discouraged us further. Nevertheless, I remained face taunt, no emotion, and not looking at anyone. Was I a bit afraid, yes, but the Lord would calm me with scriptures coming into my mind, and would ease my fears.
They were glancing at us from time to time, like they were examining a possession. I don’t think they knew what to do with us just yet. We were shackled, arms and legs, and one could not move very far without feeling some pain. I will never forget this, I could literally smell the stench of death hanging over us. We all knew what our fate would be.
We had been in this truck riding for what seemed to be a long time. Finally the truck stopped. Everyone was in a frenzy all of the sudden. No other noise, just the eerie quietness of the darkness. We were blindfolded and lined up one by one as we were taken out of the garbage truck and none too gently either.
When they took off the blind folds I saw that it was very dark. I saw the outline of a very huge building with a chain-link fence surrounding it with barbed wire and electrical ends sticking out. I saw a couple of dogs inside and could hear them barking. The dogs did not seem to be very friendly either. We were then marched inside the building and I saw steel bunk type narrow cots hanging from walls and overhead shackles.
Each of us was dragged by a different man, they literally dragged each one of us, and assigned each of us a bed with a number. We no longer were human to them, nor had a name, we were just a number. We were given other clothes to wear like a jump suit. Everything we owned, which was not much, was taken or burned. There were toilets in some areas, but not many and not in good condition at all. You either had an “accident” or if the men were in a decent mood they might let you go outside and do your business, and many would do just that to get outside and away from them for a little while. There really was no other choice. We were treated like animals.
The longer I was able to endure, the easier it became. I say this because the fear left. The Scriptures were in my mind and my heart. Whenever I closed my eyes I could see the scriptures perfectly as Romans 2:15 says. Remember, the Lord never leaves us nor forsakes us as we are told in Deuteronomy 28:20.
We were also assigned kitchen duties, laundry duties, cleaning out the toilets and so on. Everyone had a particular duty and it was rotated weekly. If you gave any of them trouble, you could be shackled, cuffed, denied food, beaten and or put in isolation and not know exactly when you would come out.
It was a horrible existence, but I was able to speak to a few people about Jesus Christ, knowing that if I got caught or someone snitched on me that would be the last time. I knew for some that this might be the last opportunity for them to hear the gospel and I would give them scripture. Slowly people began to say the scriptures in a whisper. We never got caught. Jesus always protected us.
Sometimes there would be favor coming from the Lord, like a little extra food, or an extra pair of socks, and of course there were those treated even better because they would exchange “extra favors” with the men.
I lost track of time and the outside world. One day slipped into another and another and then came the horrific day that we all had to make a choice, STAND FOR JESUS CHRIST OR DIE. That day everyone was quiet, somber, or just crying. Fear was back and even stronger now. We put on our uniforms, and every uniform had a band on the shoulder with a big “C”. Others did not have this designation as they had not made up their minds, they were on and off. Remember that many will try and hold onto life and will recant the name of Jesus Christ and loose their soul for eternity.
We were told that an announcement had come from “higher up” and trickled down into all the FEMA camps. Yes, that is what they were, although I heard other people calling them “Retention Centers”. Regardless, you don’t come out, although they don’t tell you that, you just know.
They had us all seated in circles on the floor so everyone could hear. They were sharing with us all the different methods that could be used to terminate us and then the bodies would be disposed of. None of it was good. We were left alone the rest of the day, to think about these things and be afraid and in fear. They were manipulating us so that they could do whatever they wanted, making it easier for them. One thing they mentioned is for those that wanted to live longer, and keep their life, if they did not resist and went with their plan, those people would be sent to some kind of reeducation facility or class.
Early the next morning our eyes were covered and we were marched outside. They were dragging us along as we walked in line with a person holding on to each of us tightly and pulling us so we couldn’t fight them nor resist. I was placed in the line for the guillotine. I heard some of the men talking about sending some of them to the gas chamber, or throwing some into a garbage truck just like trash that is picked up in the streets.
Please understand that we must face this reality because it is coming and we still have a little time to understand how to rise above this. I didn’t really know how I would deal with a situation of this nature until I experienced all of this and the fact that Jesus was truly carrying me through everything.
Finally my turn came. The blind fold came off and the question was asked “Will you (whatever letter a person had, that is how we were called since we had no name anymore) recant the name of the Nazarene? And if so we will place a mark on you that will show you belong to us. Or you can die right here, right now. What will it be?” I looked up at the sky and I saw Jesus right there and scripture written before my eyes. With tears coming down my cheeks I shook my head vigorously and said “NO. I WILL NOT RECANT THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST.” This made them all the more angry, and with that my head went down on the guillotine. All the while I was saying “REPENT” and then I knew nothing more, it was over.
The purpose of this vision is to help people be prepared for what they may soon face. Persecution is at the door. Many will be persecuted and stand trial, going before leaders and so on, even being attacked. The Lord told me very passionately that again we are at that hour, it is at the door. Most people are not ready for this as there is very little time and many people are in a delusional state. Please, please, get everything settled in your heart now. Make sure you have REALLY accepted Jesus and what He did first and foremost for you on the Cross. Repent with a Godly sorrow. Salvation is not just a bunch of words, it is a heart change, a lifestyle change. Without this no one can see the Kingdom of Heaven and those are the words of Jesus, not mine.
Please, as in all things, take this to the Lord in prayer. I must be sensitive to the Holy Spirit.
Here are the Scriptures: Joel 13:18 – All of Acts – Gal 4:29 – John 15:20 – 2 Tim 3:12 – Rev 2:10 – Rom 8:35 and 5:3-5 – Matt 5:10-12 and 5:44 – 2 Cor 12:10 – 1 Pet 4:14 – James 1:12 – Luke 6:22-24 and 21:12
Thank you for reading. Please share as the Lord leads you.
God bless you,Bette Stevens[](


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