Hear today and gone tomorrow

  It’s time to make sure you are right with God,VERY sure…..In the days ahead it wont be anything,or anyone that can save you…..Everything we have ever known is going to fall by the wayside….Then when we are faced with the inevitable,”What will your response be” The sword is coming down very shortly,and then all will see those who really have a true relationship with God and those that follow under an illusion…… There will only be two kinds of christians:Remnant andSuperficial……and many are in the second category thinking they are doing ok and everything is God… Proverbs 16:25 There is a way that seemeth right unto a man,but the end thereof ,are the ways of death….. Foot note:I know there are some churches /ministries and I was shown this several years ago and have been shown this again at different times of these churches and ministries are going to have their candlesticks removed because they are allowing things in their churches that are in the world ,and tho they think it is of God,just because so many put His name to things, ,doesn’t mean He is in it and there has been no repentance……. These are the kinds of places where prophets are not invited nor wanted because of correction so be aware that the enemy is using whatever means he can to entice and bring division and he is already doing a good job at it because those that call themseives christians and leaders are some of the very ones doing the leading with satan,repent,because you may find you have no church……God is not going to allow this to go on much longer,,,There has been way tooooo much corruption in the church and hidden things being left out and the christians are being led to the slaughter because they are not informed….  James 4:17 Therefore to him that knoweth to do good and doeth it not,to him it is sin…….I leave you with this….We are to be accountable to warn,we are accountable to God on judgment day,we are accountable in our words and how we live and ,even leaders are accountable…. Much of this is not even taught anymore,but know that once you do know,you are accountable………..Shalom!!!!!

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