Topic : Relationship with Jesus Christ
1, Salvation
What is Salvation: Salvation is the faith and belief of what Jesus Christ did on the Cross,through repentance,thus paying the price for ever,and bringing us back to a closer relationship with Him,having then complete
complete access to the Father and the heaven……..Our relationship should be intimate and one on one….As it tells us in Philippians “Wherefore,my beloved,as ye have always obeyed,not as in my presence only,but now much more in my absence,work out your own salvation with fear and trembling”
Psalm 2:11 tells us to Serve the Lord with fear,and rejoice in trembling.”
It is vital to keep short accounts with the Lord,letting Him show us and tell us what we need to know……..In a broader sense salvation includes regeneration,justification, sanctification and glorification.
Regeneration is a new birth,it is the work the Lord does in us,it is also a change of heart,through the conviction of the Holy Spirit of sin.,and to which the sinner responds.
Repentance is a genuine turning from sin,a Godly sorrow and turning toward God.Again,it is the acceptance os what Jesus has done.
Justification brings the believer into a fullness and relationship of peace and favor with God.It is His gtraciousness and full acquittal.
Sanctification is the begining ,or continuation of what the Lord has started in you,the new birth,as the believer is set apart for His purposes and is able to progress toward moral and spiritual maturity through the
the presence and power of the Holy Spirit.Growing and keeping a teachable spirit should continue throughout life.
Glorification is the sumary of salvation and the final blessed and abiding state of the Redemmed.
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Post note:To know you are truly saved is Answered Prayer,,Victory over sin.Forgiveness,Guidance to leading a christian life..As we grow,we should have a love for God more and more,a hatred for evil,sin,humility,a pattern of personal and private prayer,devotion
separation from the world and the evidence of spiritual growth and obedience…..
Letting the Lord take you from glory to glory and step to step/…..
Bette Stevens

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