Housechurch Guidelines
Do”s and Dont’s
January 25,2023
Reminders for those who are in Leadership of A House church
Does not have to be in a house ,can be in a batn,a tent etc
It is a meeting of believers coming together in one accord for
to equip,encourage,correct,teach and whatever else is needed…
b Does not have to have just a Sermon.
Does not need to be a Pastor or a leader persae
Does not have to be on one certain day or one certain time.
Do not allow alot of cell phones going off and distractions to *************************************************************** keep people from focussing on this time with the Holy Spirit…..******* **************************************************************
Do set boundaries which is a must ,especially if there are young people ************************************************************************* or small children involved. ****************************** Do allow the Holy Spirit to lead in what order or how HE wants each meeting
to be.
Do set up a time before hand on how long you will give people timme to come in so as
not to disrupt anything the Spirit may be doing…….
Do know that all things come from God and there may be different way He wants things
to flow………
Do everything in love,but always with the understanding that if there are people coming
who are really just coming to be coming.or carry alot of baggage which can cause alot of disruptions
then you may gently have to show them the door.
Finally in closing::::
Try to always open and close in prayer……..Cleanse and pray with family if possible before everyone comes
Try and allow everyone to have questions answered preferably at the end or to share somethings,after all ,they are
coming to you,they may not always know why,but they are there for a reason…
Never allow yourself to dwell on numbers,or how many should be in attendance ,or should this church be growing,
invite,but dont push,after all ,you are not like the churches of todays society, your church is built on the rock
and that rock is Jesus Christ…..You are not here to please people,but to please God…….You cant please everyone.
Know that in the very begining,you will make some erors,but just keep going,,,,You are learning in the process too.
Bette Stevens

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