ignite the spirit

Dec 09,2022
As a body of TRUE born again believers,once again,the Lord is calling us to “IGNITE THE SPIRIT” What does all this mean??
Lets look at what Ignite the Spirit means in a biblical sense.In the New Testament, the Holy Spirit has come down like
fire to IGNITE the hearts of all holy believers —-TO CONTINUE THE WORK THAT JESUS CHRIST STARTED.—-WE ARE TO IGNITE our
lives with the purifying work by what the Lord has done on the Cross and in our own lives.so if we IGNITE the fire that will
cause others to become on fire and it will fan all the flames of time,and hopefully reach many souls…….
The actual meaning of the word IGNITE in the bible is to burn,set on fire(spiritually)begin to burn…Fire also represents the
presence of God in our lives.
Aak your self this question,,,,,,How was it when you first came to Christ,why is Jesus calling everyone back to their first love and do
what you did at first……Refer to Revelation 2:4-5
Mark 12:30
Hebrews 13:1
Revelation 2:7
Revelation 2:29
Revelation 3:14-22
What are the first things we used to do in the begining???????? Not only IGNITE,but REVIVE,PURSUE with a Passion ,our love and devotion to
Jewsus Christ……
Church,rise up and let the FIRE of the Holy Spirit be reignited ,once again……..And with that,then shall we see the power in and out of the
Don’t allow yourselves or your relationship to go stale,(meaning have no substance.)let God arise and all His enemies be scattered,take back what you have
lost from the enemy………
Several day ago during my prayer time,I kept hearing the words,”IGNITE THE FIRE” and you will see things begin to happen…….It took me a little
time to understand what He was saying but then this vision came..
In it ,I saw the churches on fire around the world,and just as quickly, it left. I was given another vision in which I saw different people in
different situations and their flames were burning out so slowly and the Lord was no longer the Lord of their lives.Too much time had passed and too
too many things had happened over the years and the people were looking for a man to be their king ,I am going to stop there…….
The churches on fire was the false and strange fire,strange doctrines and beliefs brought in by the people,church seats that had been filled with sin,inside
and out.,back biting,jealousy and competiveness reeked in the church,along with witchcraft divination and filthy lucre….Love was not their,The Holy Spirit
had been quenched so many times that eventually Ichabod was put up over the churches.
The next vision of the different situations and places in and out of the church were those dressed flashy,sexually,a spiritual front in the church and a fleshly
front out of the church……..The division is the puffed up of those who think they have all the answers and bring confusion and a falseness about them…….In this
they began to fall away,(remember ,we can speak and act all the right ways,but that doesn’t mean God is in it),even satan knows how to order those under him to act
and speak like a Christian,that a person might not be able to tell the difference.
Lastly,many have become proud and boastful,looking to man for there answers in every area,and slowly the Lord is departing from those who want nothing to do with Him,
except when they need Him….
A warning is being given hear…….By Him……… Dont forget your first love.Bibles will eventually go,internets,and then what will you have…….Enough said…..
Bette Stevens

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