The Death Angel has been Released on the Nations and Expediting Judgement On the Church
The Death Angel Comes,but so Does God’s ministering Angels
For the record,I will give a little background…..
From January 1 through January 6th between the hours of 4-5AM Central time I was taken with the Lord,
Now some of this as I relate I was in a visitation with the Lord and some I was taken in and out of
Dimensions,s there were things given to me to see…..
I will relate the first one……..having to do with the death angel…………Before begining,please
take everything,word to the Holy Spirit for confirmation,pray ,whatever you need to do…….
For these words are not mine,but His……..
Begining Message:
I was taken straight up out of sleep,looking around ,not sure of where I was,however the voice which was not far
began speaking,look all around,and as I did,I saw many bodies laying down,I dont know if in a room,on the ground,
these bodies lay very still….There was no movement of any kind……The voice then began speaking that in this
year of 2023 and beyond,many many deaths would occur,more than what we have heard about.Some will be taken home,
some it will be there time,yet will not make it home.
I know I was made to understand that their were various reasons why people were dying……
There was a pause and Silence:Then the voice continued:::::The Church is Defiled
Then I was lifted higher and I was told to look around, and as I did so,I saw muany churches,a church everywhere
Then I was told to look down, and as I did,I saw a big black hole,and what that represented was the church at large
and then the voice continued,you are not seeing a church building,but you are seeing the heart of the church…
Note here:I was given this vision years ago and the Lord brought it again as a reminder that the church is not where
where it should be,nor for the most part ,are the people.
(The question is ,why are there so many churches/denominations,yet God has only on church”””””””)
Then the voice continued:I am going to show you something…watch and listen….We were inside a church gathering with many
people raising their hands,,He,the voice is the Lord’s tapped the top of their head and and this person was thinking
about how soon the service was going to be over ,so she could get home,.Lots to still do.
I watched,another head was tapped,.this one was thinking that he had company coming and needed to get home,looked like
church was running a little bit over.and there were many others and most were very uncomfortable and impatient….
Do you understand where this is going????????Even today,many people are very impatient and are busy with their outside
lives,they dont have time for God ,and even when they do,its a hurry up thing or God must compete with whatever is going on in
the world…….
He said now you see why I must discipline my church,,,,They want all the blessings and God to fix everything,but that they dont
want to have to do anything……Through judgement,people will then see who really is sold out to me and who is not…….
The next thing I was back in my own room.
Can you endure till the end……There is NO easy escape………..This is a New Year………..We are very close to the Great
Tribulation,meaning the Great Reset….The church will suffer greatly after that,and yes we are in the Tribulation now.
God is not playing church……Here is a list of some of the things I heard early on for why the church is not ready.
Division,which we are already aware of….. False Assumptions about someone or ministy…
Falsely slandering someone”s character or ministry or making up exaggerations to discredit.
Hatred toward some one(S) jealousy,others believing what is being told,but yet no discernment,rather sensationalism.
Being a sister or brother one minute and then the next not…….in other words not knowing the whole story or one version….
These are just some of the things God is going to judge and for those that do this,the outcome will be not pleasant.
Here are the Scriptures: Luke16:22 Heb 1:14 2Sam 24:15-16
1Cor 5:12 John 7:24 1Pet 4:17 Rev 2-3 Matt 7:21-23 Rom 8:5
Rev 2:4 Please read this KEY scripture…
Thank you for reading
Share as you like,and if not to share,then keep for a reference….
Blessings Bette Stevens www.vvmint.org The website has been updated……

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