RENEWAL VOWS TO THE LORD-This was spoken to me the whole month of March,2024

Renewing Our Vows to the Lord
It is that time when everything is been changed,high power evil is rising and we need the Lord more than ever………..Are your hearts right with God>>>>>>>This is a time of RENEWAL VOWS!!!!!!!
The first question to ask ourselves is what is an oath or a vow?What’s the difference?
A vow is a personal promise made to oneself or another or even something specific….
An oath is a solemn pledge or promise usually made before someone in authority for a statement of truth and usually has a sanction or form of penalty. I will give Scriptures for you to study and just meditate on…Here are the following Verses, and keep in mind that Jesus wasn’t condeming all forms of promise,contracts or agreements,those made quickly or spontanously with no thought,examples of that would be “I cross my heart and hope to die,I swear on so and so’s grave,I swear on a stack of bibles,people keep in mind ,you speak a curse over yourselves and most of the time are not made with sincerity.we must watch our words.and I am not even going to get into covenants right now…….. So the Scriptures are : James 5:12 James 4:13-14 Matt 5:33-37 Psalms 15:4 Ecc5:3-6 Pro 20:25 Pro 10:19-20 Gal 6:7-8 Isa 19:21-22 1Pet 4:8 1Cor 13:1-13 Epe 2:1-9 Num 6:11 John 3:15-17
Keep in mind and be very careful the kind of vows ,oaths and covenants you make with God and others,
Here are some examples of Renewing Vows with the Lord.
Reaffirming your committment , —————————————— examination,recommitting your promises you have made.Looking over your life and the seriousness of your relationship with Christ.
Celebration of Milestones ———————————— Personal growth,Where you were and Where you have come.Victories in your person al life and or walk,the struggles and overcoming
Rekindling the Romance ———————————– Reading or speaking out our heartfelt joy and love for all God has done,reading His love message you you in His word
Personal Growth ———————— Look to see where you are now and where you want to be in the future without putting any time limit
Healing and Forgiveness ———————————– Going over our challenges and temptations,our battles,and also facing them. and as we talk with the Lord,and go through these steps ,this will bring healing,forgivenss and a fresh and new start
God loves His people and He is waiting on you to tell Him that you love Him too…
Blessings to all of you and please take seriously your committent ans we go forward in the days ,months and even years to come…………
Bette Stevens

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