SOLAR ECLIPSE—–APRIL 8th Today is March 111,2024

This word was given to me by the Lord few days ago and before I speak it out,I wanted to be sure that it was from Him and that there was NO mistaking what I heard.
You have heard it said the the only sign given will be the sign of Jonah.(KJV)Matt 12:38-42) Also look at Luke 11:29-30
Furthermore as He gave me these Scriptiures to make it clear the spiritual condition off America by looking at Matt 12:43-45
He said “This is my sign to a wayward generation……..This is a warning to the inhabitants of the earth to seek Me now while I can be found,Use this time wisely to come to Me in humility and repent,I say again repent……for the world is toppling from all its filth and evil.
Then silence and the end of the message.
Bette Stevens

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