Slaughter At Noonday———-Dec 27,2023-

Slaughter At Noonday December 27,2023
This word given to me by the Lord today at 6AM
Daughter—Warrior give this word……..
As you approach this next year 2024—there will be much celebration going on with family and friends.
But little do you know what awaits in this hour.(Slaughter At Noonday) In all the preceding years,since the year 2020——Warnings haver been going out,satan has tried over and over again to stop,confuse those words and warnings.,even then people listened NOT to Me.(Lord) ,but listened instead to people., name,too many are listening to satan and then put MY name to it……….Many of you are guilty of this .REPENT as I will come quickly.Many scoff and mock these warnings.,and they come to help you… There are those that just dont care,or don’t believe..There relationship with Me is carrnal or lukewarm at best.People tend to look at the outside,but their inside,(Heart) tells a different story.
There is and will be much tpo pray about in this coming things get worse.I see many turn to Me in those times,but when things are going their way,then I am overlooked.
Stop with the idols and abominations,Stop with your lies and false assumptions,stop with your arrogance and pride,Stop with the lies,Do you not know that there is NO where to hide or run too.,that I,the GREAT I AM sees everything,knows everything and hears everything. Stop with your condemnation,slander and attacks……. This is the church of Laodicea . This nation will come into a peace and safety ,yet the land will be ravaged and this nation like other nations will fall.As I sweep MY light across this land. Things will soon come to ahead.,a devastation,a calamity,a time of shocking,,a surpirse and an unawareness….
2024 will not be a calming year.I will allow calamity after after calalmity,diseases and pestilences,all must come,Also the greatest deception is underway and will deceive many.
Most of the churches are not mine and I will tear away their facade and deceptions.They are manmade,nightclubs and socialism……Threre is no substance to them and no Holy Spirit POWER..However,My true church will shine bring hope love and encouragement. (MY ECCLESIA)
Are you then ready to stand,to run the race,to be an overcomerin life and death??? If so,come out from among them and be ye separate????(2 Cor 6:17-18)
Many people are going to fall into the pit of HELLinto outer darkness with no chance to repent.Many more today,at this hour ,this very moment.there is someone going into eternal torment.
The days ahead will be ravaging and many like ravaging wolves will deceive the many……. That is why this personal word from the Lord is going out today………We have NO time to play.Game time is over.Decisions must be made where you will stand…..Will you come in thinking that you have done everything right,just to hear Jesus the Christ say.”Depart from Me,I never knew you??????
For anyone reading thisor sharing this ,If you have not turned your life completely over to Jesus Christ ,or need to come back before it becomes too late,He invites you to take advantage of this opportunity to pray and speak with Him from your heart ,repent of all sin,make it a time to renew and even be baptized if you have never been.You will never regret your decision…… If someone needs a bible ,or needs some help with understanding the word of God or just needs prayer,please feel free to contact us……..
God bless you,may you feel and know His presence for yourself, Blessings in Christ Bette Stevens
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