Troubled Travesty Trevail and Trail of Tears.——-10/25/23

Trouble, Travesty, has come upon your land sayeth the Lord……
Trail of Tears will bring many to their knees…The plot of “Peace, Peace then sudden Destruction is at the door. Followed by the Strong Delusion yet to come.
This will come with extremely high cost, the consequences will be devastating and will result in death…
Those who oppose Israel will also oppose Me. (Yeshua) striking their fists to the sky,
You will hear the voices of your opponent’s cry out in sudden displays of anger, unrest
saying, down with Israel, down with America
Kill all Jews, kill all Americans,
Anger and hatred fueled by the enemy; it is just a matter of time.
Vicious attacks, and senseless killings, emotions will overrule many, gone are the good ole.
days, the next few months and years will be fraught with dirty, secretive attacks, it will be. . become an everyday thing.
Ther is much more and silence now. He is telling me that it is best not to say anything else…..
In regard to the war in Israel……That was and is a staged event. While all eyes are now on what is going on over there, many of the things coming out on YouTube are not correct and why is that might ask? Many reptilian leaders in power. both present, past and in the future. And instead of going to the Lord, people believe people for their answers…
Satanand the powers to be trying to push and hurry up all end time events ahead of time….and these leaders are trying to play both sides….
The chess game is in place and al the pieces are together.
Watch diligently, watch vigilantly, and pray fervently!
Church is time to stop playing round…….God is very displeased with the church…….
Is the fear of the Lord gone ,Does it nt apply anymore?I will be speaking on what the
Lord has spoken in regard to the church an what He is seeing.
Blessings.please feel free to share if you like

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