Stand Your Positions                                                         Get Ready .War Will Break Out                                                         Get Ready.The King Is Coming                                                          Novemeber 12,2015                                        Last Night the Holy Spirit came over me so strongly and so fast,It was like a whirlwind…..He was putting in my mind of world events coming.and not too far off in the distant future.I was transported by the Spirit into foreign land,where the battles always begun.then I heard the Song of the Republic…but it became very foreign to me.Then I was twirling around and I saw the word “:DANGER” Foreign Troops.The Word “MAGISTRATE” Then I saw explosive shots,lands, seas went by in a blur of foreign activity…Our President and Putin were together in some foreign looking house ,and they shook hands,but then it looked like Obama callapsed,but a question mark there because as I thought he fell I was back in our nation(US) and then I heard clink ,clink….It sounded like money..Chaos all over…..A battle ground of blood,sweat and tears…….Lastly ,THE KING IS COMING!!!!!!!!!!!Interpretation:First let me say ,I am always thankful when we are warned of things to come,,,It is not always what we would wish to be given,but nevertheless,I have warned ,so all that read this can take to the Holy Spirit for confirmation…..and their blood will not be on my hands when it is time to stand before Almighty God..Te first part of the foregn land ,I am not sure where that was as I was not given any specifics,but I know it had to do with the foreign troops dealing with war and explosives and it was on water as well as land…The Magistrate is some type of official or leader,but was not given a particular name…..Obama and Putin tells me that they are not on opposite ends ,but are planning secret things and apparently were finishing up some type of business.Looking at him starting to collapse,I did  not get to see him go all the way down because I was so quickly in our nation…(US)The clinking  sounded exactly like change or money.what came into my spirit was,we have frivoulously thrown our money around and know our money will soon be of NO value……and that w sould be storing our treasures up in heaven and not so much here on earth……Our nation has become caught up in open borders,heading for  war,loss of finances and innocent blood spilled……One thing I will say about all of this is that I was made to understand firmly in my spirit that these things will not be available, and several things will happen at the same time,there may be war ,then as soon as it starts ,a famine .however it is to be,it will be one thing right after another and there will not be a let up…..It will go full blown………Also the blood,seat and tears was to show us that everything we worked hard for would be blown away in one instant……The foreign sounding of the Song of the Republic is because our nation was no longer a Republic,but a former shadow if itself…….If anyone has any other thoughts,please feel free to share.As always.prepare ,keep short accounts with God as ,it is not God’s desire for anyone to perish,nor to be asleep in this hour……It is always God’s intention to bring souls into the Kingdom,that is the desire of His heart.however it is a choice…..Think very hard on this because as I came away from this,I knew that time is very very short………Bette StevensVictorious Vision Ministries International |   | |   | |   |   |   |   |   | | Victorious Vision Ministries InternationalPartner With VVMIGIVE Plant a seed in our ministry 2 Corinthians 9:7. We are not a 501(c)3 and proudly so. Donations can’t be written off. We answer to GOD not … | | | | View on | Preview by Yahoo | | | |   |

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