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  1. Shalom Bette!

    I have just recently started listening to your YT messages.

    You definitely have a servants heart and you are a blessing.I love your no-nonsense approach to the Word and the speaking of the truth.

    I became a born again believer 15 years ago after 9-11. I grew up as a reform Jew and only practiced traditions. It was forbidden to talk about Jesus. The events of 9-11 changed my life forever. I started reading the Word and going to church. My hunger for the Lord is stronger now than ever before.

    Thank you for your messages They are a great encouragement.

    Again, Bless You!
    Sue M.

  2. Bette,

    I had to tell you how much the word ‘Breaker – Breaker’ blessed me today! Yes, many of us are battle weary right now. I was sitting there listening with tears streaming down my face in praises to God for this message. He just gave me a word/vision about the attacks and why the increase, so this was such confirmation, dear Sister! Here’s a link to ‘All Hell Will Come Against You!’

  3. Gosh the breaker video really hit home with me and I was encouraged and reminded of God’s word! In the last few months I have had nothing but betrayal, harsh judgement and words against me! Im tired if it and it’s all immediate family! I’m going to focus on my Lord and Kingdom calling! I never have let other people’s words bother me and I refuse to let it hinder my relationship with God! Thank you so much sister Bette! I love you and God bless you.

  4. Thank you so much for all your faithful service Bette.

    Hi Bette,

    Hope this message finds you well ma’am.

    Health challenges have lead to more time then average for intercessory prayer.
    So glad the Father lead me to your page.

    God bless you, and am looking forward to your
    presented words, topics, and am going to try to
    spend time in prayer concerning what I hear
    you say; as i’m sure you do.

    Thanks again Bette and God bless you.

  5. Hi Bette,

    Interceding, asking our Father in heaven in our savor Christ’s glorious name, to miraculously resolve all your health insurance requirements, in Yahushua’s glorious name we ask, we receive, and we give you all our thanks and praise YHWH. Praise you father for all you faithful, loving care for Bette.

    God bless you Bette, and am so glad Father has resolved this issue for you.

  6. Hi Peter

    Thank you for all your prayers…If you would like to be on our email list for updates and such,please let me know…….God bless you as we join together in prayer…….

  7. It’s an honor to serve our heavenly Father through his amazing son, our Master, King, Brother, & best Friend together with you & yours.

    I’d also, like to pray that things go great, miraculously, for your husband.

    Father in Jesus’s name we call for your spirit of protection to surround Bette’s husband with your warrior & guardian angels, to protect him, and give him the spirit of “incognito” as his presence through you brings blessings to the company, every company that Bette’s husband works for, & that in your way said company, or companies see how blessed they are, while Bette’s husband is “incognito”, and is promoted to an ambassador of yours, one of your servants/representatives displaying your kindness, work ethic, gentle, subtle, mighty and powerful ( beyond our imaginations) spirit.

    As we all join together, we ask, we receive, and give you all our true and grateful thanks giving sir – Mighty YHWH – in the wonderful and precious name of your glorious son Jesus – Yahushua – for this truly miraculous anointing on Bette’s husband, and family.

    Thank you father for this gracious and mighty promotion you’ve so kindly covered Bette’s husband with, as you anoint, train, and promote him & us as your faithful servants. We truly are so humbled & filled with joyful tears that you have even given us your mighty ear. Thank you and Praise you Father!

  8. Thank you for that wonderful video Bette! I won’t bother you too much because I know you are busy, but would you please keep my husband Jonce in prayer for his health? He had a horrible reaction to a medication a couple of months ago and it caused Steven Johnson’s syndrome, then the shingles, then gout, and he has nerve damage in his face and ear still. He lost over 12 pounds just because his face and tongue were so swollen he couldn’t eat. He’s slowly getting better but it’s really been a test for him and me. I will keep you posted later, God Bless!

  9. In regards to the vision where you were standing in red waters and it was rising up, past your ankles, I had a similar experience: I saw the continental US, the way it appears on a map or globe. Just a flat, featureless image. A cut opens up, in the center of the country, and blood starts gushing out, towards the east, and towards the west, simultaneously. The entire country becomes completely covered in blood, until all you can see is blood. I was awake, when I saw this. Approximately 2 years ago.

  10. I thank the LORD for being a very helpful tool in GOD’S HANDS.HOLLY DIVINE LORD please protect this sister from any evil so that in all her days we can continue receiving your blessing through her prayers and teaching in JESUS CHRIST LOVE, AMEN!

  11. Thank you so much for sharing the word. I have been through things in this life journey and come to realize that the LORD has been with me all along! Amen. PLEASE PLEASE keep me lifted in prayer and I will do the same.

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