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Interpretation Prophecy 2014 and On

The Lord has given me some quick points as to how this prophecy wil come and why……… Point No 1…A nations rebellion will only be allowed so long…therefore when time begins to run out , judgement must come….. Point No 2…God can and will remove His hand………The word says that every jot and every tittle will be done. Point No 3. God has given all of us a sovereign (free will) and God will not nor can Satan cross that line……We have more than shown the Lord what choice we are taking and God allows this.Please remember, it is not God’s desire for anyone to perish,but again,that is by our choice..(s) We all must stand accountable , one on one, before a Righteous King and Judge that is perfect…. Point No 4…Down through the ages , Jesus has sent warnings and there have been judgements and still not always repentance…….. Point No 5…The bible is the true irrevocable Word of God……This is the final chapter of all prophecy being revealed…….. Point No 6…I am coming soon.Make way the return of the Lord!

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