Reflections of the Holy Spirit

REFLECTIONS OF THE HOLY SPIRIT Part I —————–April,11,2014 How does Websters define the definition of a spirit?????? 1.A spirit is breath….. 2.To blow,wind 3.A supernatural being 4,A person having the character or deposition of a specified nature Does that sound like the Holy Spirt,the Holy Ghost ,and another name is the Roch a desh??? We know that the Holy Spirit is one of three Spirits in God and God is a spirit…….. Let’s look at some Scripture that speaks about the Holy Spirit and the Spirit in general Num 11:25-26,29 also 24:2 Pslms:51:11 also 104:30 Prov1:23—this is spoken in female gender Isa:32:15 and 44:3and 63:10-11 Matt:1:18-21 and 3-11,16-17 and 12:31-32 Mk:1:10-12 and 13:11 Luke1:35 and 3:22 and 4:1 and 12:10-12 and 11:13 John 1:32-34 and 3:5-8 and 4:24 and 7:39 and 14:26 and 20:22-23 Acts 1:1-8 and 2:2-7 ,33,38 and 5:2–9,32 6:3-5 and 8:14-24 and 9:17-18 and 10:44-48——receiving the Holy Spirit to the Gentiles(us) and 12:9 and 12:52 and 15:7-9 and 15:27-29 and 16:5-7 and 17:28-30 and19:1-7 20:27-31 I Corr 2:9-14:16-19 Eph:4:30 and 5:18 Col 2:9-15 I Thess 5:19 Romans 1:20 Titus 3:5-6 I Peter 1:10-12,21,22 This concludes the first part of the Holy Spirit…Please take note and study out these Scriptures..It is vitally important to recognize the great significance her of the third person of the God head(Trinity) As we progress ,we will earn more as to the spirit of God and the Holy Spirit….God bless you all…..

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