19 hours ago · Edited * Public * Friends(+) * Friends except Acquaintances(+) * Only Me(+) * Custom(+) * * Columbus, Ohio Area * Acquaintances * * Go BackPublicFriendsFriends except AcquaintancesOnly MeCustomColumbus, Ohio AreaAcquaintancesGo Back Urgency in the Spirit-,Endtime warning for those who have ears to hear——–Satan is going to advance his agenda but God is going to override Satans agenda.. Satan is going to try and bring down Christian families,marriages in particular…..There is something big happening in the spirit realm and only if people pray can it be stopped….otherwise it will affect the USA I have been seeing a lo…t of marriages in battle mode……Satan is quickly trying to promote his agenda of killing off the Christian family and marriages…He will succeed because many will wring their hands and say “enough is enough”and give up…..(Sometimes, when we don’t see a change right away ,we tend to think God is not working,but I assure you He is on your behalf) DO NOT give up …….The battle wasn’t won in just a few hours……People do not be ready to throw in the towel,so to speak,look first at your self and in prayer let God be your defender,,,,,We cannot do a makeover of our spouse,onlyGod can and if the spouse is ready to receive,,,Change never comes easy……..That is why God wants us uncomfortable……. If many will seek God first and pray in unison,God will bring a conclusion to these things……We can’t sit back anymore, it is time for the body of Christ to arise,get together,many of you have facebook friends,get together with some of them,even ones you may not really know and start praying,,,Put on the full armor of God…….If you want satan defeated and stay defeated then we need to use the power and authority God has given us……We are the head and not the tail.We live by faith….God will do what He says He will do and the gates of hell will not prevail………..If you or anyone want to get into some serious pray,let me know…I am here to help….That is where we are,to help one another….Things are going to start taking a very serious turn in the very near future…..we need to be or start walking the talk that we say ….. Also I am seriously getting things in order to put up on the website as I said in a previous posting…..Please be aware that this will be things of prophecy I was given awhile back as well as new…….Some very deep things that people may not be aware of…….Again please take everything to the Spirit and line it up with Him……. Also many have asked me why I have been so quiet about posting on facebook….I am working for more on the website as I said ,but God has been showing me unforeseen ,in other words things that can’t be changed ,that are coming soon……and we need to be ready and many are not ……….Also God has shown me people that are working against God’s people so I am waiting upon Him…….I will post when I have more things up on the website……..God bless

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