Disaster,Devastation and Disillustionment The Kingdoms of this World have become the Kingdoms of our Lord and He will Reign Forever and Forever…………. Given to me in a dream of the night on July 3,2014 Sometime during the night ,I do not remember looking up at the clock when I became awake afterwards ,but in this dream I saw the end of America as we know it,approaching…..I seemed to be in the dream,but not really,if you know what I mean…..I just saw myself running,i have no idea where I was at ,but I saw smoke,a whitish blue hue of smoke,light up the sky,it was almost like looking at fog, I couldn’t really see ahead of me ,it was so heavy…….i could also hear loud shots ,like cracks of thunder go off in the distance and it seemed like it was all around me…..I heard peopl screaming and running,homes going up in flames,cars exploding in flames,the skies became like black smoke,you couldn’t even see the clouds….they were covered by this smoke….. You could hear shots and I don’t mean like a gun ,i mean the kind of military,militia type gun shots and I saw people fall over each other and didn’t care,some had been shot and were still trying to run but fell over and after awhile people just didn’t care,,it was each one for them- selves…… I was running also ,I didn’t know where and I knew it didn’t matter ,but instinct told me keep one foot in front of the other and keep moving……….I was trying to ask someone running next to me what was happening and someone finally yelled,we are being invaded, its finally happened…… We all finally made it to what looked like a small town,empty,there was like a gas station , a small store, a hotel,like one of those you go through a small town and right back out…… No one was there,at least i din’t see anyone around and it was unusally quiet…There was a newspaper on the counter and as I went to pick it up,i saw the headlines….. “NUCLEAR/THURMO WAR HAS BROKEN OUT________CAMPS BEING SET UP NOW” For the good and protection of the people we are declaring a national disaster and emergency…….you will be advised by radio where to come too…Our borders are gone and we have been invaded………Military roadblocks have been set up and all travels are cancelled coming into and going out……..We are limited on supplies of food,and all citizens will be notified of what region they should head for to get further instruction…..Failure to comply will put you at risk of being inprisoned……All military have been trained in all aspects to comply with all regulations………All roundups will occur around the clock……..Those that come on their own will be taken to shelters………Please be advised that america has sustained a devistation of great proportion and it is not known all of the damage that has been done……..We advise you not to be out at night as we have more attacks seemingly coming within our borders…….. This is to notify ALL american citizens that america has had a surprise attack but will continue to keep you posted on any new developments……. The Whitehouse is not releasing any statements at this time………… I couldn’t believe what I read…….I sensed I needed to get out and move on…….The group of people with me felt the same way.We did not speak as we travelled on…..We tried to stay off of main highways as I noticed we all automatically knew to take the back roads and stay as much out of sight as possible……It seemed like we walked miles and miles and we came to a stream or creek and it was all dried up…..We continued to hear shots way off and it almost felt like the earth was shaking and vibrating….as I continued on I saw mass destruction of vehicles,homes, buildings even some churches……fields that had been used for growing vegetables and growing food were charred black short sticks of dry grass.I mean they were just fried…….nothing left….. I kept going on with the group…….time didn’t matter much……..we would rest under, behind rocks,even some old time camping sheds for awhile,but never really slept in peace,but i heard one time as we were nearing another town,there were militia or military people in big military trucks and people were being rounded up to go in them….some were so tired that they easily gave in ……..(At this point I want to say one thing,I was not aware of whether any people were christians or not,but it did come up later in my spirit that this is a way for satan to wear out the saints) I know only one thing,FIRE FIRE everywhere……….. After which I woke out of the dream…….It also came into another dream that the Lord actually had me write under His anointing called “The Civil War vs The Spiritual War and the downward spiral of America in previous months…….. I will be praying and if the Spirit gives me the interpretation I will release it at a later date.. Please pray about this because endtimes is playing out right now………

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