Premessage for Pakistan Siminar

Hello to all my brothers and sisters in the Lord ,and those who have come to hear about the Lord, I wanted to give a preview message so you would understand this ministry and the times we are in……….. What my husband  will be speaking about is the relationship with God ,which is vitally important,that deep,.personal,intimate relationship with God and with each other……….. This will also give you a chance to reflect on your relationships……. and finally ,I will be speaking on my personal encounter with the Lord, Jesus Christ and my translation ,being taken into hell…. This is a place where God does NOT want anyone to go ,but because of the urgency and we are seeing bible prophecy being fulfilled at a fast pace in time,then we need to look at what and how do people end up there and how we can avoid it……..There is a heaven to be gained and a hell to shun….. We must bring the full counsel of God so you will understand the plan of God…..especially God’s love for you and all…… It is our deepest desire that you pray and seek God and come to know Him in a really deep and serious way……God bless you all Your servants in Christ, Bette and John Stevens Apostles and prophets at Victorious Vision Ministries International …

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